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By Blair Kelly SEC Ad Rule

How Can Financial Advisors Use Testimonials on Their Website

5 minute read
How Can Financial Advisors Use Testimonials on Their Website Featured Image

Have you ever received a really wonderful client testimonial or review that you just wish you could share with everybody? In today’s video Samantha Russell, Chief Evangelist for Twenty Over Ten and FMG Suite shares how you can apply those client testimonials and showcase them properly on your website.

How To Apply Client Testimonials

How can financial advisors use testimonials on their website? I’m Samantha Russell, chief evangelist at FMG Suite and Twenty Over Ten. And today I’m going to give you a really easy strategy that you can use to start collecting those client reviews and use them as testimonials on your website because the new SEC ad role goes into effect on May 4, 2021.


Okay, so the first thing I just need to make sure that we get out of the way is that I am not a compliance attorney. I have, of course, spoken with many who are and this is the advice that I have heard, but a big Disclaimer. You’ll always, always, always want to check with your own home office with your own compliance officer before you embark on any new marketing strategy to make sure that they give it a thumbs up. So Disclaimer out of the way.

Google My Business Page

Here’s what I suggest, the easiest way to start displaying and collecting client reviews is to set up and optimize a Google My Business page. And once you’ve done that, it’ll make it really easy to direct people to that Google page to leave you a review. And there’s a lot of reasons that this is the best way. Number one, it’s going to be very objective. You’ll email all your clients, all your clients have access to the link to leave a review. So from a compliance standpoint, this is going to keep you the safest. The other thing is that it’s great for SEO. The more reviews you get yet, the more Google sees your business as a legitimate place of business and also people who maybe have never even heard of you before and aren’t finding your website could first stumble upon you and see your Google reviews if they’re doing a local search financial advisor near me, your page can come up there in the local three pack. They could see that you have a bunch of reviews and end up clicking on it and learning more about you. So definitely use Google Reviews.

Website Testimonials Page

Once you start collecting some of these reviews, a really easy way to include them on your website for social proof is to just create a page that has all of these testimonials right there on them and you can just actually bring in from the Google Reviews those reviews over to your page. Now one caveat I want to make sure that I mentioned is at the bottom of the page. If you’re picking maybe some of the best reviews that you want to highlight, you need to have a link that says to read all of the Google reviews head over here and link back to the Google My business page where people can read all of the reviews, not just the ones you’ve hand selected for for your website.

So that’s my quick marketing tip about the new SEC ad rule and how to start thinking about using testimonials on your website. Again, this does not go into Effect until May 4, 2021. But hopefully, this will get you thinking about how you can utilize this as a new marketing opportunity. And we’ll see you next week for another quick marketing tip. For even more digital marketing tips, subscribe to Twenty Over Ten’s YouTube channel or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and we will talk to you next week. Thanks, everyone.

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