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By Amanda Larson Outreach

Highlights from the 2020 T3 Advisor Conference

7 minute read
Highlights from the 2020 T3 Advisor Conference Featured Image

In case you missed it, last week was the annual T3 Advisor Conference in sunny San Diego. In its 17th year, the annual conference brought almost 800 attendees and over 360 financial advisors and technology providers to explore innovations, announce new products, share feedback and celebrate our community. The theme of this year’s conference was acceleration and if that says anything about the direction that the financial industry is headed, it is certainly full speed ahead.

Advisors can expect to see an acceleration in development. One of the main themes here is how quickly the industry is changing, but in order for the industry to change, the technology has to change to support that.

Joel P. Bruckenstein, CFS, CMFC, CFP® Producer of T3 ADvisor Conference

We loved making new connections and connecting with familiar faces, attending thought-provoking information-packed sessions about the future of financial technology, as well as, unveiling our own new product, Lead Pilot, an all-in-one inbound marketing platform for financial advisors. Keep reading to see some of the highlights from our trip.

Advisors Got to Experience Lead Pilot First Hand

It’s been a long road, but we were so excited to finally launch Lead Pilot! We were able to demo the product at our booth and on stage. Visitors were able to get a unique first-hand experience with our new software.

twenty over ten launches lead pilot at t3 advisor conference
Samantha Russell, Twenty Over Ten’s CMO, at the T3 Advisor Conference

Lead Pilot enables advisors to launch robust, multi-touchpoint content campaigns from a streamlined, easy-to-use dashboard. It makes collaboration simple, as users are able to share, edit and update the content seamlessly. The robust content library includes video, editorial and infographic content that can be completely customized by advisors, helping them to drive traffic and engagement while boosting their organic SEO rankings.

twenty over ten launches lead pilot at T3 advisor conference
Samantha Russell, Twenty Over Ten CMO, Ryan Russell, head of business and Dave Squires, head of technology

Advisors Will Finally Be Able to Embrace the Digital Referral Shift

Our team had the opportunity to discuss the digital referral shift and how financial advisors have not been embracing digital marketing as much as they should for a multitude of reasons, such as: 

  • They simply don’t know how
  • They don’t have enough time or manpower
  • There are too many compliance concerns
  • They have a limited budget
  • They do start a marketing strategy but don’t remain consistent

We created Lead Pilot for all these reasons and more. With Lead Pilot, financial advisors will not only have the ability to personalize their content but also automate the dissemination of their content. Other key highlights include:

  • Gather key contact information on all leads 
  • Launch brand-centric, high-converting landing pages without relying on a developer
  • Dynamically tailor content and lead capture forms to increase engagement and conversions
  • Create, personalize and schedule professionally designed marketing emails
  • Rapidly create and deploy highly engaging content across popular social media platforms
  • Create and organize key relationships through smart segmentation
  • Create cohesive customer experiences with robust campaigns
  • Use robust analytics to track social media, email and lead engagement

Wow! You might be thinking, that all can be done with one platform? Yes, it’s true. That’s why we know this tool is going to be incredibly powerful for the already busy financial advisor.

twenty over ten at t3 advisor conference
Ryan Russell, Twenty Over Ten head of business, Samantha Russell, CMO and Dave Squires, head of technology

Integration Was a Hot Topic

Another hot topic at T3 this year was integration. Lead Pilot integrates with products that financial advisors have already been using with their clients, such as RedTail Technology and WealthBox both web-based client relationship management (CRM) solutions for financial service firms and Riskalyze, a risk alignment platform that is created to maximize a client’s portfolio by tailoring it to their risk tolerance.

With Riskalyze’s Risk Number® technology, advisors are able to leverage the numbers generated by its program to craft portfolios that contain exactly the right amount of risk, therefore helping advisors to further tailor content based on the risk tolerance of their clients. The simple integration of these tools that advisors were already using, makes their life that much easier with the one-click integration into the Lead Pilot platform. 

Tools to Make Compliance Much Easier

“But what about compliance?” Is another key question that always surfaces when your discussing fintech software. We were able to share with attendees how with Lead Pilot, compliance will be a piece of cake. Everything deployed from Lead Pilot is automatically archived to satisfy all regulatory requirements. Everything from emails to landing pages and social media posts everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing its all archived. 

What People Were Saying

Check out some of the things that people had to say about the launch of Lead Pilot and the T3 Conference on Twitter!

Twitter lead pilot

Tina Powell, CEO of C-Suite Social Media was there for the launch of Lead Pilot, briefly touching on how the content can be tailored to your specific niche.

Gavin Spitzner twitter

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