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By Elizabeth Ritger Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: September 25, 2017

4 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: September 25, 2017 Featured Image

The season may have changed, but our Five Little Things posts are here to stay. Kick off fall with a few new marketing and technology tips, including future social media trends and steps for the best content marketing.

1. Where Is Social Media Headed in 2018 and Beyond? via Entrepreneur

It’s important for entrepreneurs to understand how social media is evolving and changing – 2.8 billion people use social media. In terms of advertising new products and services, there are few things more potent and ubiquitous than social media. Let’s take a closer look at the things that are impacting the future of social media.

2. Content Marketing Examples, Part IV: Check Out This Checklist via FiComm

The last content type I want to talk about are checklists and FAQs. She can’t be serious, you’re probably thinking. Checklists? Of course I’m serious. Too many firms spend their whole design budget on big projects—a website, collateral, white papers, quarterly commentaries. But they don’t take the time to design the smaller pieces that clients see every day. Checklists. Meeting agendas. FAQs. Yet those are equally relevant to the relationship.

3. A Vision for the Advisor Firm of the Future via Advicent

Many firms are currently making decisions to prepare for the future. Many of the changes that are happening is in response to two main factors: trying to compete downstream and an increasingly challenging regulatory environment. Before we jump into these two categories, it is important to understand that almost every industry is undergoing a sort of metamorphosis, whether that is automation in manufacturing, home delivery meal kits, or stores that automate the checkout process just to name a few; these are all driven by the consumer revolution.

4. 5 Simple Boosts to Attract Ideal Prospects Via Kirk Lowe

It’s easy to get lost in the service, administrative, and compliance side your business while pushing aside the work needed to attract more ideal prospects. There are simple strategies and tactics that often get started and stopped over and over. It’s a cycle of marketing misfortune. Marketing is often the weak link in an advisors practice and it’s almost always the first “expense’ that gets cut or the first “task” that falls off the plate. Here are: four proven and easy-to-execute tactics, plus one critical strategy to help you attract more ideal prospects.

5. Four Steps To Achieve More Success With Content Marketing via Forbes

Every year, there is a content marketing conference held in Cleveland that attracts over 4,000 attendees from some of the largest companies around the world. This is just one of the indicators of the growing importance of content marketingfor marketers and brands. With so much information available on content marketing best practices, why are companies still having difficulty achieving success?

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