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By Savannah Brunette Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: September 18, 2017

5 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: September 18, 2017 Featured Image

Fall is officially arriving this week. As the new season approaches, catch up on recent news in the financial advisor space. In our Five Little Things post, we have rounded up the latest articles for you.

1. Dealing with the DOL Distraction via Advicent

Over the past year, the financial services industry has been held hostage to the Department of Labor Conflict of Interest rule. For many firms the “on again, off again” rule has been a distraction from their everyday business and has left advisors wondering what the future of their client interactions will look like. As with most legislation and regulatory changes, there is a lot of grey area and confusion about how the new regulations will be implemented.

DOL and Financial Advisors 2. Encouraging Your Clients to Raise Money-Wise Children via ETF Database

Sadly, one in five U.S. teens lack basic financial literacy skills. Less than half of U.S. states require high school students to take an economics class. What’s more, only 26 percent of parents feel they are prepared to educate their children on financial literacy skills.

Herein lies a huge opportunity to add tremendous value to your client relationships by helping your clients educate their children (and grandchildren) to become financially savvy. Parents and grandparents alike strongly desire advice from you on how to raise children who are financially responsible and knowledgeable to prepare them for adulthood, but many are apprehensive.Money-Wise Children

3. Creating a Marketable DBA: a Q&A with the Independent Grid’s Trent Gain via Advisor Advertising

Targeted marketing is more important for brands today than it’s ever been before. Brands now need to set themselves apart in the ever-constant noisy world we live in. For those in the finance and professional service industries, marketing can result in new clients, credibility and exponential business growth—but, how do you market a DBA?

We chatted with Trent Gain, COO of The Independent Grid, about what exactly a DBA is and how it can be marketable. Here’s what he had to say…
Marketable DBA with Trent Gain

4. Adviser Blackout: Why Isn’t Your Site Showing Up in Google Results? via FPA

With so many people researching and finding new companies through search engines—especially Google—advisers need to make search ranking a priority.

The problem is that Google’s algorithms (which determine the results of searches) are constantly evolving. According to Google, they change their algorithm at least once a day, and they’re reported to make up to 600 changes per year.

FPA and Google Results

5. Leading up to the Mobile-First Index, Google Has Some Advice via Search Engine Land

We all know the Google mobile-first index is coming soon, probably in the next few months or so. To prepare, it seems Google is encouraging webmasters to go responsive with their websites.

Google has just published a how-to on moving your m-dot site to responsive. The techniques are pretty basic, but it is an excellent reminder that while Google supports many mobile implementations, they do recommend responsive. In fact, Google has recommended that if you are switching to responsive, do it before the mobile first rollout.Google Mobile-First Index

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