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By Blair Kelly Company

Five Little Things for Your Monday: September 17, 2018

6 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: September 17, 2018 Featured Image

I know that we have been saying it for a while, but this week marks the official last week of summer before we roll into fall. I hope that you and your family got to do everything that you wanted and fit in a lot of fun trips to the beach, mountains, lake or even just hang out at the pool! Whatever it was, we hope that you found some time to get some reading in during this time, mainly our favorite articles of the week on inbound marketing, the changing role of financial advisors and the importance of financial websites.

1. Complete Inbound Marketing Platform for Advisors Emerges as FMG Suite acquires Platinum Advisor Strategies and Marketing Pro via T3 Technology Hub

The best financial advisors are always trying to grow their businesses, and in the past, most of this growth has taken place because of referrals. As times are progressing, inbound marketing is a very popular way to get more leads that turn into potential clients. According to T3 Technology Hub, inbound marketing seeks to attract new clients through relevant and helpful content and by adding value at every stage in your client’s financial journey.

In this article, you can learn about how FMG Suite is acquiring Platinum Advisor Strategies and Marketing Pro for an extremely effective inbound marketing platform.  To find out more about this acquisition, read below!

2. Where Will Advisors Be in 10 Years? via Think Advisor

According to a survey, there is likely to be quite a change in the financial advisory business in the next 10 to 15 years. More than half of the financial advisors do not expect to be working full-time in the above time frame.

A lot has been reported about the changing role of financial advisors, which has them moving from a focus on investment management, to financial planning with technology, therefore making them more efficient.

To find out more about this, check out the full article below.

3. Is Your Financial Advisor Website Killing Your Growth? via Wavelength

As a financial advisors, unless you are regularly hosting events or networking at them, then many of your clients may not actually speak to you. So, how are potential leads going to judge you? Your website! This is why it is so incredibly important to have one that really stands out.

If your website does not engage them and answer the questions that they have right off the bat, then that could mean the loss of sales.  How do you make sure this does not happen? Read below!

4. Building Trust with Clients and Prospects via ETFdb.com

Trust is one of the most important parts of any relationship and that rings true with the client and advisor relationship, as well. According to Market Integrity Insights, the financial industry is one of the least trusted professions. Luckily, 81% of investors who work with an advisor give them a high trust rating.

As an advisor, you want to be able to reach that highly coveted status of trusted. To do so, ask yourself these questions.

1. Is being a financial advisor just a job to you or do you believe it is your true calling to be an advisor?
2. Do you truly believe trust is a special bond in the advisor-client relationship?
3. How committed are you to your relationships?
4. What do you do that is unique for your clients and prospects to go that extra mile for them?
5. What qualities do you bring to your relationships that demonstrate you truly care and create deep connections?
6. Do you always act in the best interest of your clients no matter what?
7. Do you help them make the best financial decisions possible to give them peace of mind?

5. #163: Managing Astronomical Growth, Going From $30K to $330K of Annual Revenue in 12 months-The Career of Kyle Moore via XY Planning Network

Kyle Moore is the founder of the fee-only financial planning firm Quarry Hill Advisors, and he is going to discuss the rapid growth that he experienced when making a huge job change.

In this podcast, he discusses how he was traveling as a professional golfer, to working as a financial advisor at a firm whose partners split up after nine months to starting his own firm.

To hear the full podcast, click below!

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