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By Lauren Beichner Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: September 16, 2019

4 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: September 16, 2019 Featured Image

Happy Monday! We hope you all have a great start to the third week of September. Make it a good one and settle in to catch up on our top reads on digital marketing, how to devise a marketing plan, how your own behavioral biases can affect your ability to guide your client to potentially better outcomes, choosing the right brand name, and how to use technology to improve your clients’ experience.

1. Digital Marketing for Financial Advisors: 5 Must-Know Facts via Lead Pilot

Your digital marketing strategy can make or break the success of your business so it’s critical that you put your energy into making sure that you have an effective strategy. So, what does it take to create a noteworthy digital marketing strategy? To make sure you’re getting the most out of your digital marketing strategy, check out these 5 must-know facts to stay up to date on the latest tips and trends in digital marketing.

2. A Simple Way for Advisers to Start A Marketing Plan via Advice Reinvented

Financial advisors tend to struggle with devising a strategic marketing plan. Marketing has changed greatly with the evolution of the digital era. Today, marketing is about building long-term relationships around ideas. The emphasis is more on two-way communication and engagement rather than on traditional push marketing. Read more for an easy way for financial advisors to create a marketing plan.

3. Overcoming your clients – and your own – behavioral biases via SEI

As a financial advisor, it is extremely important to connect with your clients. Often there are many emotions as they embark on their financial planning journey. One way to help clients control emotional reactions and maximize their chances of reaching their goals is to reframe the way you talk about risk. Read more to learn how your own behaviors can be influencing your clients’.

4. Naming Your Brand? Use These Pointers to Get it Right via Entrepreneur

The name of your brand is almost just as important as your brand itself. After all, the name of your brand defines what your brand stands for. You want the name of your brand to prove value and be memorable. Read on to learn tips on choosing the right brand name for your business.

5. Does Your Tech Stack Give Customers the Best Experience? via eMoney Advisor

Advisors often purchase technology to boost their workflow but struggle to use it efficiently. This affects customers as well. Clients want to engage with advisors across multiple channels, and they expect consistency regardless of whether they’re talking to a bot, emailing, or clicking on a website. Read on to learn how to focus on your customers’ experience and put your customer first.