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By Lauren Beichner Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: October 14, 2019

4 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: October 14, 2019 Featured Image

Happy Monday! We hope you all have been enjoying some fun fall activities. Before you head into the week, sit back, relax, and enjoy our top reads on your marketing budget, assessing your marketing efforts, presenting your value as a financial advisor, preventing your emails from ending up in the spam box, and blog post examples.

1. Should Advisors Copy Ken Fisher’s Marketing Strategy? via ThinkAdvisor

Do you need to step up your marketing strategy by having a bigger marketing budget? The legendary investment manager, Ken Fisher spends more than three times the share of revenue on advertising and marketing as the typical advisor. Michael Kitces shares insight on advisor marketing and how much you should be spending on your marketing through a Twitter thread.

2. How To Evaluate Your Marketing Efforts via AdvisorPR

Having a successful marketing plan and effectively implementing it is essential in order to bring business in for your advisory business. However, how do you make sure that your marketing strategy is working? Read more to learn why it’s so critical to measure and evaluate the success of your marketing efforts.

3. Present Your Value as a Financial Advisor With The Precision That You Deliver Your Value via Red Zone Marketing

Communicating your value as a financial advisor can be a major challenge. After all, how do you ensure your clients that it’s worth it for them to hire you to handle their finances? It’s vital that you relay to current and potential clients the value that you can provide them if they choose to work with you. Read more to learn the  key to presenting your value with the precision and confidence that you deliver your value.

4. 10 Reasons Your Emails Are Landing in Spam + How to Correct Course via Lead Pilot

Maybe you have a great newsletter that you just sent out, and that’s great! But, how do ensure that your newsletter ends up in your recipient’s inbox and not their spam box? If you want to make certain that your emails are getting to your recipients, then check out these 10 reasons that your emails might be going to spam with key tips on fixing them.

5. 23 world-class blog post examples for content marketers (updated for 2020) via IMPACT 

Consistently creating quality content for your blog can be a major hurdle for many financial advisors. If you have run into a content rut, you are not alone. If you need blogging inspiration and insight on what high-quality blog content looks like, check out these 23 blog post examples.

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