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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: November 9, 2020

6 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: November 9, 2020 Featured Image

It has been quite a wild start to November, so we hope that you were able to take some time to unplug and enjoy the weekend. Before you get ready for another busy week ahead, take some time to check out this week’s Five Little Things article. CMO Samantha Russell had the opportunity to discuss social media with Advisor Perspectives, we touch on sustainable link building, strategies for marketing during COVID, how to find success by serving a niche and the power of having a strong brand.

1. The Four Commandments of Social Media via Advisor Perspectives

Among consumers, 71% will recommend a brand based on a  positive social media experience. If you are trying to create a strong marketing strategy, then including social media is a crucial part of this. Samantha Russell had the opportunity to discuss the 4 things that you should NOT be doing in your social media posts in order to boost your engagement.

  1. Don’t start posts with “I,” “My” or “We”
  2. Don’t use passive voice
  3. Write for a specific niche
  4. Don’t share content without context

Check out the entire video below for more insight on this!

2. Sustainable Link Building: Increasing Your Chances of Getting Links-Best of Whiteboard Friday via Moz

A strong link-building campaign isn’t something that just ends, as it needs to be ongoing as you continue to earn links over time. When you are trying to earn more links, there are some ways to do this, and those are:

  1. Don’t tie your content to specific dates or events
  2. Look for ways that give you multiple ways to search for outreach
  3. Build a supply of content that is link-worthy
  4. Figure out what content format works for you

For more tips on how to avoid the problems that come with a link-building strategy and how to capitalize on the solutions, check out the entire article.

Link Building and SEO

3. 4 Strategies for Marketing During COVID via Susan Danzig

We are continuing to navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and in doing so, have had to switch up the way that we do business. This includes marketing strategies, as well, so when it comes to doing this in recent times, here are 4 strategies to successfully market to your audience during the pandemic.

  1. Continue regular communication with clients
  2. Create an email newsletter
  3. Don’t stop your marketing
  4. Bring in an expert

The entire article breaks down each tactic, so check it out to find out more details.

Marketing strategy

4. Episode 268-The Most Successful 401(k) Advisors Niche Out: Here’s How!- With Jake Rushton via Top Advisor Marketing

When it comes to succeeding in the financial industry, choosing a niche is incredibly important. This goes the same for if you are a 401(k) advisor, so for today’s podcast, Jake Rushton, an expert in the 401(k) world and the founder of 401(k)lub joins Matt to discuss how to dive into a niche, so that you can become a trusted advisor. In today’s podcast, they discuss:

  • Examples of how to choose a niche in the 401(k) world
  • The most effective ways to gain more market share within the plans that you want to help
  • How referrals can play a major role in your business growth
  • Whether you should go beyond plan design to offer educational resources to leads
  • How to distribute your content and build a community around your ideas
  • How building a personal brand can help you create awareness and attract more clients
  • And so much more!

Check out the podcast here.

Top Advisor Marketing

5. The Power of Branding: How to Create a Successful Brand for Your Business [Infographic] via Social Media Today

If you are starting a new business or you are looking to rebrand your current one, creating a successful brand for your company is crucial. The infographic below is full of useful tips on how to create a successful brand and will be covering these four cornerstones:

  • The big idea
  • Values
  • Vision
  • Personality

See for yourself as you look to create a powerful brand image for your company.

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