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By Lauren Beichner Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: November 4, 2019

4 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: November 4, 2019 Featured Image

We can’t believe that it’s already the first Monday in November! Sit back and relax to read our must-read articles on how to use emojis on social media, creating social media videos, improving client communications, how to get your brand to go viral, and strategies to boost your website.

1. How to Use Emojis on Social Media for Financial Advisors: A Complete Guide via Lead Pilot

With 92% of the online population using emojis every day, it’s critical that you successfully integrate them into your marketing strategy. Using emojis is no longer just a fun way to communicate via text, but it can be a great way to boost your social media strategy. Read more to learn 5 tips for incorporating emojis onto the main social platforms: FacebookTwitter, and LinkedIn.

2. An Easy Guide to Creating Social Media Videos that Drive Results via Social Media Today

If you aren’t creating videos for social media, you should be! Video continues to be one of the most powerful forms of content on social media. In fact, on average videos on social media get 48% more views and generate significantly more shares than other types of content. Follow these tips to help you generate more effective video content.

3. Do Your Client Communications Stand Out? via SEI

Financial advisors have a big opportunity to create stronger, more personal relationships with clients. Targeting each message to be what your clients wants to hear is critical to enhancing your connection with clients. Learn more on how to make your messages stand out to clients.

4. 3 Ways to Get Your Brand To Go Viral via Red Zone Marketing

Getting your brand to go viral can be very hard especially when you are just starting out with your firm.  Here are 3 lessons on branding that you can apply to get your brand to go viral:

  1. Exploit Your Uniqueness.
  2. Say Something Surprising.
  3. Be Interesting!

5. Is Your Website Turning Away Business? via ThinkAdvisor

Your website is your advisory firm’s first impression. It’s critical that you make an impact immediately on site visitors if you want them to stay on your site longer and ultimately take action. If your website isn’t performing the way you want it to be, follow these effective website strategies that advisors are using:

  1. Simplify the website.
  2. Make it easy to contact the company.
  3. Include pictures of themselves.
  4. Tell their story.
  5. Filter out less-than-ideal prospects.

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