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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: November 29, 2021

5 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: November 29, 2021 Featured Image

We hope that everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend, and we can’t wait for December! It’s hard to believe this is the last “Five Little Things” article of November, so we wanted to make it a good one. Learn more about how advisors can get more leads with landing page best practices, how client reviews can help your firm and much. more.

1. Advisors Get More Leads With These 6 Landing Page Best Practices via Advisorpedia

No matter what business you are in, landing pages are critical for lead generation. So, how can you create a landing page that actually converts? These pages help you to target specific keywords, niches, and specific audiences, which helps you create highly specific content for segmented audiences. If you are looking to create a landing page that works for your business, follow these 6 best practices.

  1. Make sure the CTA is above the fold
  2. Don’t ask for too much information
  3. Make sure that it is foolproof
  4. Remove navigation and distractions so that it is clutter-free
  5. Optimize load times
  6. Make sure you say thank you

Need more information? Make sure you check out the entire article.

Advisorpedia article

When it comes to running a successful financial advisory business, using positive reviews is a great addition to your marketing strategy. Reviews really matter when it comes to your business, as negative reviews can definitely impact if prospects want to work with you or not.  In fact, 94% of consumers say that one or multiple negative reviews have caused them to take their business elsewhere. So, how can advisors strategically collect online reviews?

  1. Identify your brand and public image
  2. Gather reviews from clients
  3. Figure out to utilize these client reviews.

To dive into each point, be sure to check out the entire article.

Covisum blog

3. Your 2022 Plan and the Voice Inside Your Head via Absolute Engagement

It’s hard to believe that 2021 is in the rearview with the coming year on the horizon. So, how can you create a stronger plan?

  1. Stage One: There is a fleeting glimpse of something more
  2. Stage Two: The Crystallization of Discontent
  3. Stage Three: A Clear Vision

So, what do each of these mean? Check out the blog to find out!
Absolute Engagement

4. Why Getting Indexed By Google is So Difficult via Moz

Of course, you want to get your pages indexed by Google. It helps with visibility and helps you to rank higher. However, many pages never get indexed, so why is that? Here are the top reasons that pages never get indexed by Google.

  1. They may be crawled but are currently not indexed
  2. They may be discovered but not indexed
  3. There may be duplicate content

In order to avoid these things, check out the full blog from Moz and start to rank higher.

Moz blog

5. 9 SEO Best Practices for Stronger Organic Traffic in 2022 via iMPACT

We all want to get more organic traffic to your websites in 2022, right? So, in order to outrank your competitors and drive more traffic to your site, follow these 9 SEO best practices.

  1. Develop content based on target keyword research
  2. Use effective titles and headings
  3. Write strong meta descriptions
  4. Optimize all images
  5. Include a number of internal links
  6. Provide a user-friendly design (on desktop and mobile)
  7. Optimize page speed
  8. Make use of navigation and sitemaps
  9. Use semantic HTML

Keep reading to find out more!

9 SEO best practices

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