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By Lauren Beichner Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: November 11, 2019

4 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: November 11, 2019 Featured Image

It’s already the second Monday in November – time sure feels like it is flying on by! Before you start your week, settle in to read our must-read articles on social media archiving tools, the importance of nurturing your brand, finding your ideal clients, email subject line examples to inspire you, and key content marketing tools.

1. Social Media For Financial Advisors: Best Social Media Archiving Tools via Lead Pilot

As social media continues rise as a relevant means of marketing your financial advising business, it’s critical that you have archiving tools to keep an accurate history of your social media activity. Archiving your social media is important for compliance regulation. Archiving is an essential part of your social media strategy, and with the right tools, archiving is easy! Read this article for 5 social media archiving solutions that you can use to enhance your social media strategy.

2. Brand is Everything – Tina Powell on the Becoming Referable podcast via The Client Driven Practice

In this podcast, Tina Powell, CEO of C-Suite Social Media, a digital marketing consultancy for the financial services industry, shares why “brand is everything”. In the podcast, Tina goes into detail about what it means to have a brand and how to ensure you’re intentional about growing that brand. Listen to hear more of Tina’s insights on building your brand.

3. The Importance of Finding Your Ideal Client via Advisor Perspectives

The secret to being a successful financial advisor is to specialize in serving a particular niche. This allows you to narrow in on your expertise and your search for new clients. It’s very important that you think thoroughly;y about who you would best serve within your community. Read more to learn why knowing who your ideal target market is the first step in determining where to look for new clients.

4. Email subject line examples: 16 world-class examples to inspire your next campaign via IMPACT 

In order to have a click-worthy email campaign, it’s critical that you have a subject line that catches your reader’s attention from the very beginning. To help you get the most out of your email marketing efforts,  take a look at these 16 brilliant email subject line examples and the strategies behind them to help boost your next email campaign.

5. 35 Useful Content Marketing Tools for Beginners and Pros [Infographic] via Social Media Today

Building a successful content marketing strategy takes diligent time and effort. Having the right tools to help you achieve your content marketing goals is the key to creating a strategy that will bring you results. Utilize these 35 must-have content marketing tools to skyrocket your content marketing strategy.

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