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By Lauren Keeports Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: May 8, 2017

4 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: May 8, 2017 Featured Image

Happy Monday, all! Let’s kick this week off the right way with today’s Five Little Things. In this post, we feature articles that touch on virtual reality, content marketing, and more. Check it out!

1. What Will Your Professional Legacy Be? via etf database

Legacy planning is certainly a hot topic today, especially as it relates to your personal legacy and to the enduring legacy you will leave behind to your family, loved ones and future generations. However, have you ever thought about what your professional work legacy will be? What is the legacy that you will leave to your business practice, to your team members, to your valued clients, as well as to the community you serve?

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Even in today’s increasingly digital world, there are critical times throughout your sales process when there is no replacement for top quality print deliverables. Responding with a lack of information, a hodge-podge of handouts paper clipped together or generic template designs will create a lasting first impression—is it the right one?

Marketing resources for financial advisors


Content marketing covers a huge range of activities. The scope of your efforts can quickly get overwhelming and leave you with a lot of questions about how to actually make your marketing worth your while. Which is why Kali Hawlk says she is excited to roll out the first post in this new series. Her goal is to help you tackle that feeling of overwhelm and give you a simple, straightforward answer that allows you to move forward where you currently feel uncertain.

Marketing resources for financial advisors

4. Why shared experiences are the next frontier for virtual reality via marketing week

From Google Daydream and HTC Vive to shared virtual reality experiences, Marketing Week talks to Framestore’s co-founder Mike McGee to explore the latest in VR for the next instalment of Digital Decoded.

Marketing resources for financial advisors

5. The Secret to Creating Content Your Prospects Crave via sales benchmark index

It’s getting harder to get your content read by prospects. Every day, your content competes with a tidal wave of content choices. The question on every marketer’s mind is – “How do I cut through the clutter and make an impact?” The answer isn’t just to produce more content. Instead you need a smart approach that precisely targets your customer’s information needs. Do it right and you’ll create content your audience craves.

Marketing resources for financial advisors

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