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By Lauren Keeports Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: May 22, 2017

5 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: May 22, 2017 Featured Image

Our Five Little Things is jam-packed with interesting info this week- including articles on podcasting, Generation Z, and virtual reality. Let’s dive in!

1. PODCASTING STRATEGY via advisorpr

Podcasting can be an efficient way to share your unique story. Podcasts are also a great alternative for individuals who have great ideas, but think they have ‘a face for radio’ or are not avid writers. Podcasting offers great benefits when planned correctly. Before you press record for the first time, review these guidelines to ensure your podcast starts on the right note.

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2. Does Your Team Share a Vision—Or Just Office Space? via ficomm

Why did you go originally into business with your partners? And as a follow up: how long did it take you to think of an answer to that question? Learn the distinguishing characteristics of cohesive teams and the importance of that dynamic for any business.

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3. What advisors can learn from Google’s guide to teens via advicent

Google recently published an expectedly thorough report on the preferences of the modern teen. Generated via several surveys coordinated with YouGov, the aptly titled “It’s Lit: A guide to what teens think is cool” identifies superficial trends in cultural facets like brand favorability while also digging deeper into how more abstract concepts like “beauty” or “knowledge” are generally perceived.

Naturally, this report’s ultimate purpose is to be parlayed into business insights. With that, Google successfully demonstrates just how diverse generational perspectives have become by juxtaposing the modern teen (or Generation Z) with Millennials– an audience that the financial services industry has just recently been encouraged to anticipate as major generational wealth transfers begin to take place. Try to keep up, financial advisors.

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4. Know More about your clients – Sam Richter on the Becoming Referable podcast via the client driven practice

Sam Richter was this week’s guest on The Client Driven Practice’s series “Becoming Referable.” He is a renowned speaker, the author of Take the Cold Out of Cold Calling, and helps advisors drive growth through his programs such as Know More University.

Sam shared, in detail, how you can put his strategies to work before your next prospect meeting. He explained how to harness the power of social media and cut through the clutter to learn what you have in common with clients who have been referred to you. And more importantly, how to use that information to ask the right questions to start building a relationship. He shared specific examples and anecdotes show the power of his approach. We also discussed the trends in the advisory business beyond technology, and why the most important one may just be towards being more human. Check it all out here in this 40 minute podcast.

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5. Web browsing coming to VR headsets, AR coming to the web via Chrome via marketing land

Google is bringing the Chrome browser to virtual reality (VR) and also bringing augmented reality (AR) into the Chrome browser. On the second day of I/O, at the end of its morning keynote, Google made two announcements tied to Chrome that are quite interesting for the future of the mobile web.

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