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By Lauren Beichner Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: March 9, 2020

3 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: March 9, 2020 Featured Image

We are finally in daylight savings time! With the first day of Spring right around the bend, start your week off to a fresh start with our favorite reads on webinar marketing, how to use content marketing to attract clients, how to remain compliant on social media, tips for writing a compelling financial advisor bio, and lead generation tips and insight.

1. Webinar Marketing For Financial Advisors: A Q&A With Samantha Russell Of Twenty Over Ten via Flackable

How do you connect with clients and show your expertise within your industry? Twenty Over Ten’s CMO, Samantha Russell, explains a solution to delivering results for financial advisors: webinar marketing. Read more for more insight into the benefits of implementing webinars into your marketing strategy. 

2. How To Use Content Marketing To Attract Your Best Clients via Red Zone Marketing

Why is content marketing so widely used? Because it works. Content marketing is a proven way to generate new, qualified prospects and build your client base. Read more for some of the basics of content marketing and how to use it to leverage your overall marketing strategy.

3. 5 Ways for Financial Advisors to Remain Compliant on Social Media via Lead Pilot

Many financial advisers worry about compliance on social media, and some may even forfeit their social media marketing efforts completely for fear of compliance mishaps. If you do that, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity to drive more traffic to your website and improve your SEO. Follow these five tips to ensure that you are remaining compliant on social media.

4. 11 Tips For Writing A Stellar Financial Advisor Bio (With Samples And Templates) via The Advisor Coach

Writing a financial advisor bio can be difficult. After all, you’ve probably got a lifetime of personal and professional accomplishments. How can you expect to condense how amazing you are in a few paragraphs? Follow these 11 tips.

5. Does Generation Affect Your Search Tactics? This Study Points To Yes via IMPACT 

How to reach your target audience? You take into account what generation they are in. According to this survey, your generation says a lot about the way you search. Dive into the results of this survey and tweak your website content to meet your niche audience’s searches.

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