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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: June 18, 2018

5 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: June 18, 2018 Featured Image

School is out for the summer, but students aren’t the only ones that should be keeping up with their work. It’s important to follow the latest news in financial processes and management, marketing and social media. Take a look at some of the articles that we have chosen to kick-off your Monday.

1. 7 Tips for Avoiding Burnout as a Financial Advisor via The Advisor Coach

Financial Advisors often work long and stressful hours, and even if they are passionate about their job, there is a still a risk for burnout. This often happens slowly as you continue to work around the clock for your clients. It is a hard job but also rewarding. In order to keep yourself from losing interesting in your job, you can follow these tips to continue success as a financial advisor.

1.  Take care of yourself first
2.  Pick a self-efficacy model
3.  Examine your business-building strategies
4.  Take a look at your goals
5.  Don’t take on any new commitments
6.  Improve your diet
7.  Remember that you can only directly control your actions

2. The importance of a process-driven practice via Advicent Solutions

Efficiency is key to managing a successful firm, and even though managers know that, it can often be difficult to make sure that processes stay in order and everything runs smoothly. When companies struggle with inefficient processes, there can be decreased client retention, a problem with converting prospects into clients and disgruntled employees.

The BP Trends 2016 State of Business Process Management survey revealed the following:

1.  54 percent stated their organization had never or only occasionally documented processes and kept them up to date
2.  73 percent stated their organization had never or only occasionally defined performance measures for evaluating the success of business processes
3.  55 percent stated their organization had never or only occasionally defined and documented the skills needed to perform the tasks in the major processe
4.  74 percent stated their organization had never or only occasionally trained managers to analyze, design, and manage business processes

These are pretty high numbers, so in order to change this, it is essential to identify the inefficient processes in your firm and to leverage technology to improve and automate processes.

3. Do Your LinkedIn Posts Helps or Hurt Your Personal Brand? [Infographic] via Social Media Today

While many of the social media platforms are great for posting pictures and details from your personal life, doing such things on LinkedIn is probably not the best option. Why is this?  The main reason is that LinkedIn is a platform that is for businesses and professionals, so you should only be posting relevant information on your profile.This infographic can help you decide what you should and should not post on LinkedIn.

4. 6 Ways To Promote Your New Facebook Page via Forbes

Once you have activated your Facebook page for your business, it’s important to start gaining followers and getting them to interact with you. Here are six ways to start promoting your page once you have set it up.

1.   Use the network that you already have
2.  Add a follow button on your website
3.  Create a Facebook ad
4.  Share helpful content
5.  Promote your page offline too
6.  Don’t forget your existing social following

5. Do You Love Getting Immediate Feedback? Try Marketing via Entrepreneur

In marketing, your instinct can serve as a powerful tool, however, many times, numbers and data that you get after a campaign are the best way to go. They can show you if the marketing tactics that you have implemented are working and how these can serve your campaigns down the road.

The video in this article can show you how there is more to marketing than just brainstorming and creative ideas and how important  the numbers are behind it.

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