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By Lauren Beichner Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: July 8, 2019

3 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: July 8, 2019 Featured Image

How is it already the second Monday in July?! We hope your Monday is off to a great start and you’re ready to take on the week ahead! In this week’s Five Little Things, we’ve got the latest tips on the importance of linking, social media, connecting with your audience on Instagram through story telling, Smarketing, and rebranding.

1. Link Building in 2019: Get by With a Little Help From Your Friends via Moz

Link building is an essential component of your SEO strategy. Read more to learn all there is to know about link building in 2019.

2. Reaching Retirees on Social Media via Covisum

Think that social media is only reaching a younger audience? Think again! Social media marketing can be an effective tool to help you promote your seminars and help your firm grow no matter what age your audience is. Read more for tips and tricks on how to reach retirees on social media. 

3. How to Use Storytelling to Connect with Your Audience on Instagram via Social Media Today

Storytelling is key to any good marketing strategy. Storytelling gives you the opportunity to humanize your brand and share personal stories which helps your followers engage better with you. If you’re struggling to connect with your audience on Instagram this read is for you!

4. The Secret Power of Smarketing: The 3 keys to a successful combination of marketing and sales via Red Zone Marketing

Ever heard of Smarketing? Smarketing is the process of integrating the sales and marketing processes of a business. Read more to learn the secret potential of Smarketing that you have been missing!

5. Jamba Drops The Juice: Why Major Brands Are Changing Names (And Why You Should Consider It Too) via Flackable

Thinking about changing your company’s name? When executed well, a name change can be a great way to reinvent your company. In addition, rebranding can be a great strategy to reach a new niche market. Read more to learn the importance of reinventing your brand

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