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By Laurel Hecht Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: July 27, 2020

7 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: July 27, 2020 Featured Image

There is no better way to usher in well-rested advisors from the weekend than with a bright and early morning of learning! This week, we have searched high and low to find you the best pieces of learning and growth you can soak in to help your advisory business thrive. So, get your pen and pencil and remember, no matter how long you have been in the business, there is still plenty to learn! 

1. Why (Traditional) Marketing Won’t Work in Wealth Management via Wendy J. Cook Communications & Shubha K. Chakravarthy of  The Wealth Marketer

If you are in wealth management, it may be time to learn a new way to market your business. Are you working to just try to get your business as “out there” as possible, marketing to every person available? This article will let you know exactly why this traditional marketing method does not work. In the business of wealth management, not everyone is a potential client. You need to learn to speak directly to your niche. You can take steps towards this goal by: 

  1. Consciously design a community where the majority of members enjoy and get value from just being in it 
  2. Dial-up your visibility in regular spurts by contributing knowledge and expertise of value to your community.
  3. Show your human side by regularly sharing experiences, perspectives, thoughts and opinions.

2. How To Create Landing Pages for Referrals on Your Financial Advisor Website + 3 Killer Examples via Twenty Over Ten

Have you considered incorporating referrals into your website? The days of verbal referrals may be coming to an end, as more and more advisors are learning to implement referral programs onto their websites through landing pages. If you want to learn how it’s done, this article walks you through the entire referral process, from creating the landing page, to promoting the program and even gives us a few helpful examples. 

3. Learning Your Lines via The Client Driven Practice

What is your line? Your unique proposition of value to clients and prospects alike telling them exactly what services you can provide to them. Not just to anyone— to them. You need to have a specific way to tell people how your values are tailored toward them, your target clients. It can feel foreign, uncomfortable and downright awkward to try to put these values and goals into words. If you’re struggling to learn a way to describe your business, but feel like all the suggestions you have are: 

  • Too salesy.
  • Not “you.”
  • Doesn’t feel authentic.
  • Could never be comfortable saying it.
  • Doesn’t feel professional. 

You may need to practice learning your lines. Read the full article for encouragement and helpful insight.

4. How to Overcome These 6 Marketing Challenges as a Financial Advisor via Iris

While we are in the realm of learning, why not learn how to overcome the top six marketing challenges facing financial advisors? To increase your lead generation, better market your business and, ultimately, stay on top of the rapidly growing industry; see if any of these six issues apply to you: 

  1. Generating Traffic and Quality Leads to your Advisor Website
  2. Keeping Track Of Your Marketing Budget
  3. Having Enough Manpower
  4. Managing Your Website
  5. Finding and Showcasing a Unique Value Proposition
  6. Increasing your Revenue

If any of these challenges sound familiar, fear not! This article also gives full details about how to learn better practices and save your business from these marketing pitfalls. 

5. The Symbiotic Relationship Between Credibility and Confidence via Flackable

Are you working on building a trustworthy reputation in the financial world? Chances are, you are working hard to establish credibility among your peers and clients. Susan Ward, head of Cypress Technologies, says, “Other people sense whether or not you believe in yourself and by extension, whether or not you believe in what you’re doing. That belief is what persuades the customer or client to buy the product or service.” In short, you need confidence to be seen as credible, while also needing to be credible to have confidence in your business. Read the full article to see how learning to focus on these two concepts will feed off each other to help your advisory business.


About the author

Laurel Hecht

Laurel is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten who loves any chance to communicate and connect with people through her writing. She creates many of the social media posts you see on Twenty Over Ten’s platforms (yup, there’s a person behind those tweets!). When she’s not on the clock, she loves rock climbing, experimenting with funky concoctions in the kitchen and spending time with her handsome fiancé. She truly hopes you enjoy her writing!

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