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By Laurel Hecht Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: July 13, 2020

7 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: July 13, 2020 Featured Image

This week, we’re happy to welcome you with an exciting round-up of social media-based thought-leadership for financial advisors. In the fast-paced, predominately digital world we’re living in, it’s important to stay up to date on ways to be putting your advisory business out there for the internet to see. We just want to make that challenge a bit easier by providing you with recommendations of technology to look into, how to be presenting yourself and how to avoid feeling burnt out. Enjoy!

1. Four New Features Assist Advisory Firms In Generating New Clients Virtually via Lead Pilot

You read that correctly! Lead Pilot, our 5-month old, turnkey, inbound marketing solution for financial advisors is getting new features. We’re so proud of our Lead Pilot product and we are definitely not losing momentum anytime soon. This week, we announced four new features we’ve created to better help you generate new clients for your advisory business virtually. We’re excited for you to try:

  1. New Ways to Reach Clients and Prospects With Curated Automated Drip Campaigns
  2. Managing and Growing Lead Gen With Gated Content
  3. New Integration With Facebook Pixel to Track Ad Campaign Performance
  4. A Faster Way for Advisory Businesses to Produce Weekly Market Summaries

Read the post to see how you can fully utilize our helpful new additions to the platform.

2. Four Simple Ways to Help Financial Advisors Avoid Burnout via Perfectly Planned Content

Does burnout sound like a familiar concept? A sort of hazy, time-draining rut that happens a couple times through many people’s career? You’re just tired of your everyday responsibilities. Tasks and meetings start running together until you’re not even sure what you’re working towards anymore. A recent article by Gallup says 76% of workers are well acquainted with burnout. Are you in that majority? This article gives us three ways to avoid burnout and get you back on track:

  1. Take a Break
  2. Focus on Your Strengths
  3. Outsource When You Need to
  4. Find a Community


3. Why You Need to Be The Best Teacher in Your Space to Win Over Your Buyers in The Digital Age via Impact

In the digital space of marketing, it can be extremely beneficial to build a reputation of being a trusted educational resource. That can mean making informational videos, publishing how-to blogs and even just tweeting helpful tips. Being seen as a teacher is a nice concept, but is there actual value in this sort of online persona? Does it actually translate to an increase in your revenue? The answer from Impact is yes. Read the article to see why being a teacher in your field works for your business. The major concepts outlined are:

  • Teachers We Trust
  • How Does Being Seen as a Trusted Teacher Really Drive Revenue?
  • What About Searchers Who Just Want Information and Are Not Looking to Buy?
  • Why Producing Content Isn’t Always ‘Playing the Long Game’
  • Getting Started


4. Marketing Advice For New Advisors – From Advisors Who Know How to Grow via Twenty Over Ten

Our constantly innovating CMO, Samantha Russell, has quite the Twitter game, as most of you know. A couple weeks ago, she had the idea to Tweet out a simple prompt: “What’s the best piece of advice you’d give to someone just starting out on how to market their advisory business?” As this Tweet surfaced to many, many financial advisors’ feeds, an influx of insightful knowledge and tips came flooding in from advisors across the country. Read the article for all of the best tips we heard. If you’re not sure hesitant to take marketing advice from a marketing team, take it from these advisors. Digital marketing works. Here’s a sneak peek of three of our favorite replies, read the full article to see all of the contributions:

    1. Be Authentic – Dasarte Yarnway
    2. Be Consistent With Your Message Across Your Different Channels and Also With Your Stream of Content – Marc Bautis
    3. The Goal is Progress, Not Perfection – Benjamin Brandt

5. Financial Advisor Instagram Questions Answered via Wealth Management

You’re working on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for promoting your advisory business. As most of us know, those are the big three social media platforms for businesses to be promoting and networking on. Looking to get one step ahead of the game? We recommend broadening your reach over to Instagram. This article addresses the many questions that advisors may have in thinking about branching over to Instagram. Readers will find the answers to:

    1. Isn’t Instagram mostly for younger generations?
    2. What should a financial advisor post on Instagram?
    3. What should I post in my feed versus my stories?
    4. Does everything happen through my personal account?
    5. How does advertising work on Instagram?



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Laurel Hecht

Laurel is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten who loves any chance to communicate and connect with people through her writing. She creates many of the social media posts you see on Twenty Over Ten’s platforms (yup, there’s a person behind those tweets!). When she’s not on the clock, she loves rock climbing, experimenting with funky concoctions in the kitchen and spending time with her handsome fiancé. She truly hopes you enjoy her writing!

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