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By Lauren Beichner Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: January 27, 2020

3 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: January 27, 2020 Featured Image

Crazy to think that it’s the last Monday in January! Start your Monday off right with our top reads on the best client communication, how to follow copyright rules when selecting images to use on your blog, how personalization can actually backfire on you if done poorly, how to rank higher in Google’s search results, and what to say on a one-page website.

1. How Do Clients Want Their Financial Advisor To Communicate With Them? 650 Clients Weigh In via Lead Pilot

Having effective client communications is essential as a financial advisor. However, you may be surprised to learn how your clients want you to communicate with them. This article highlights survey results that will help you reach prospective clients in the most proactive way.

2. Choosing Photos for Your Blog: 3 Copyright Rules to Know via Cision

It’s no secret that using images on your blog boosts engagement. However, how do you find quality pictures to use on your blog without breaking copyright rules or usage rights? Check out the three essential rules to follow when it comes to using images on your blog that you didn’t take yourself.

3. How Personalization Strategies Can Backfire on Financial Marketers via The Financial Brand

Utilizing personalization in your marketing strategy can be very helpful in order to stand out to prospective clients. Personalization can be very effective when done correctly, however, it can also cause more harm than good when it’s executed poorly.

4. Episode 214 – How to Rank Higher in Google’s Search Results — With Samantha Russell via Top Advisor Marketing

Is your advisory practice coming up at the top of Google’s search engine results page? Can your prospects find you on social media? Matt is joined by returning guest Samantha Russell, the chief marketing officer at Twenty Over Ten, to discuss how advisors can become visible to prospects of all ages that are increasingly searching online for advisors to work with. Together, they define and uncover long-term niche strategies, the art of attracting pre-sold clients, how to optimize your website for voice searches, and more!

5. This is All You Need to Say on a One-Page Website via Advisor Perspectives

In this read, shares tips and tricks to make sure that your one-page website stands out. Additionally, she outlines an example of five paragraphs for a hypothetical RIA firm, Blue Spruce Pine Elm Mountain Rock Advisors. Read on to learn what you should include in a one-page website.