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By Lauren Keeports Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: January 16, 2017

3 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: January 16, 2017 Featured Image

Happy Monday, all! Here’s this week’s Five Little Things for Your Monday:

1. 5 Digital Marketing Ideas That Could Improve Your Brand Growth in 2017Marketing resources for financial advisors

With 2016 officially in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to start thinking about how your marketing strategy will evolve in 2017. It’s a good idea to step back for a moment, assess the success of last year’s marketing campaigns, and consider ways to evolve your digital strategy in the year to come. As you put together plans on where to focus your efforts in 2017, here are five marketing tactics to test if you want to take your strategy to the next level.

2. The Most Important Marketing Metric You’re Not Measuring

Entrepreneur digital marketing expert Ryan Bonnici says to stop measuring your marketing performance by channel, and instead by content type.

Marketing resources for financial advisors

3. Facebook Journalism Project aims to build stronger ties with news publishers Marketing resources for financial advisors

In the wake of the November election and “fake news” scandals, Facebook has taken several corrective measures and launched new initiatives to restore its credibility as a news publishing platform.

4. 7 Ways The Internet Of Things Will Change Businesses In 2017

Marketers and technology enthusiasts have been talking about the coming of the Internet of Things (IoT) for years. But, with products like Google Home and Amazon Echo emerging and gaining popularity, it’s reasonable to suspect that 2017 is the year that IoT finally starts taking off.

5. 4 Dumb SEO Tactics That Will Get Your Site Penalized Marketing resources for financial advisors

As you plan your SEO strategy for the year, here are four things to watch out for. If any of these are happening, there is a good chance you are on your way to a Google penalty.


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