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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Five Little Things for Your Monday: February 25, 2019

5 minute read
Five Little Things for Your Monday: February 25, 2019 Featured Image

We hope that everyone had a great weekend and is ready to start the week! While it can be hard to get started first thing on a Monday, we think that this week’s Five Little Things article with tips on analytics, social media and keywords that will help you get started! Grab some ☕️ and settle in for the day!

1. Marketing measurement and analytics: What you need to know via Marketing Week

There is so much data 📈out there these days to measure the success of your marketing campaigns.  With all of the different digital channels out there, marketers are more able to become more engaged with leads and clients and personalize their campaigns. The below 📹 should offer tips on how to measure your strategy and be sure that you are getting a strong return on the work that you put forth!

Measuring your marketing efforts

2. Social Media Dos and Don’ts for 2019 via Social Media Today

Social media is a HUGE part of your marketing plan as a financial advisor. How do you make sure that you are doing the right thing for your company though? Check out the Dos and Don’ts to remember in 2019!

The Dos

  1. Think before you post
  2. Let your voice be heard 🗣
  3. Do be real!
  4. Make sure your expectations are realistic.
  5. Write for your readers. ✍🏻
  6. Personalize your outreach.

The Don’ts

  1. Don’t engage with negative people online.
  2. Don’t try to be everywhere and do everything.
  3. Don’t post without proofreading.

These tips are fairly simple, but if you follow these tips, it will make a huge difference in your social plan!

3. The Basics of Building an Intent-Based Keyword List via Moz

When you are trying to ⬆️ SEO, make sure that you optimize your content with keywords is so important! How exactly do you go about doing this?

Gather your core keywords

  1. Check out keyword research tools. 🛠
  2. Find inspiration on the SERP’s.
  3. Keep language in mind based on your location.

    add your intent modifiers

    1. Informational intent
    2. Commercial intent
    3. Transactional intent

      audit your list

      1. Look for relevance
      2. Search volume
      3. Opportunity
      4. Competition
      5. Difficulty


4. The Best Way to Upgrade Your Marketing in 2019 via Red Zone Marketing

You may think that hosting events, asking for referrals and constantly posting on social media is the best way to gain clients. These tactics are obviously all great, but sometimes changing up the words that you use is the best way to change up your marketing tactics! When you use better messaging for everything from fee discussion to marketing plans, it can change up everything. So, be careful when picking out how you phrase things!

5. Up Your Marketing: From “Me, Too” To “A Cut Above” via AdvisorPR

It’s no secret that you need to have a 💪🏼 marketing strategy for your firm if you are going to be driving leads to your advisor site! When it comes to this though, you don’t want to be just okay! Your firm wants to be the best that it can be! What steps should you take to go about doing this?

  1. Do a complete brand evaluation!
  2. Examine all marketing collateral
  3. Analyze how you do your promotion.

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