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By Lauren Beichner Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: February 24, 2020

4 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: February 24, 2020 Featured Image

It’s the last Monday in February! How crazy is that? 2020 is in full swing and so should your marketing strategy for the year ahead! Check out our must-reads on Twenty Over Ten’s new product Lead Pilot, digital marketing strategies, how to leverage your content and repurpose it to increase your lead generation, how to generate leads with your content, and reasons why your social media strategy might not be working.

1. Twenty Over Ten Debuts New Marketing Interface via Wealth Management

Besides providing a compliance-friendly means for deploying advisor-created content, Twenty Over Ten’s new product, Lead Pilot, ranks clients based on their interaction with marketing materials. The all-in-one marketing platform was designed to be the turnkey inbound marketing solution for financial advisors. Lead Pilot is built on a content management system built by Twenty Over Ten and allows advisors to publish pre-built content purchased from the marketer or material created by the advisor, including videos and images. Advisors can publish content across digital assets like landing pages, email-based marketing campaigns or onto pre-established social media channels. It is integrated with risk metrics tool Riskalyze and CRM providers Redtail and Wealthbox. Read more to learn what Lead Pilot has to offer.

2. Top Digital Marketing Strategies for Financial Advisors: Part 2 via Three Crowns Marketing

If you’re wondering what financial advisors should be focusing on to be successful with marketing in 2020, this read is for you! If you’re a financial advisor, this read highlights the top marketing strategies you need to be aware of as you build out your firm’s marketing calendar in the year ahead with tips from marketing experts.

3. A Five-Step Plan to Leverage Content Across Multiple Channels via Advisor Perspectives

What if you knew you could create one (just one!) blog post to drive your entire inbound marketing strategy? Samantha Russell shares step-by-step instructions to leverage this strategy to propel your lead generation forward without having to create hundreds of blog posts.

4. 5 Step Guide to Generating Leads With Your Content via Perfectly Planned Content

Lead generation still remains a real challenge for most financial planning practices. It’s 2020 and it’s time to focus on inbound marketing to grow our lead database. In this article, Samantha Russell shares five simple steps that will help you build a well-oiled lead generation machine with your content.

5. 3 Reasons Why Social Media Isn’t Working for Your Business via Social Media Today

Are you putting time and effort into your social media marketing and you aren’t reaping any results? You aren’t alone. Many businesses struggle to grow an engaged audience because they are making these three mistakes. Take a look for yourself to see if you are making them too.

5. The Role Of Visual Design In Creating Authentic Connections via Marketing Week

How do you differentiate yourself from other financial advisors? The answer is simple: leverage your visual design. Visual design is key to setting brands apart from the competition and to maximize its effectiveness brands need to streamline how they manage visual assets. Check out this read to learn how to use your visual design to stand out from the rest.



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