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By Emily Matyas Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: August 7, 2017

5 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: August 7, 2017 Featured Image

Hot August nights have finally arrived and so has this week’s Five Little Things for your Monday post! This time we’re keeping up with the latest best practices on content marketing and relating to your clients.

1. 4 Ways advisors can use technology to attract millennials via t3 technology hub

We’ve all seen the headlines: the greatest wealth transfer in human history is coming. As we prepare for this generational shift of assets amongst clients and prospects, a key success factor for advisors will be your ability to engage and attract new Millennial clients while at the same time retaining the business of the Millennial heirs to the existing Baby Boomer and GenX clients.

But the multi-million-dollar question remains: How can you better prepare your practice to weather this extraordinary moment in the financial services industry? Embrace the technology that is necessary to bring success with this younger generation of investors.

Five Little Things Twenty Over Ten financial advisor marketing tips Monday

2. Why advisors should use social media via Advicent

Advisors that use social media understand it is a platform that can reach thousands of potential clients. But in order to be successful at using social media, advisors need to be active in all platforms by regularly adding articles, blog posts and building their network of people that they can connect with. The widespread popularity of social media is showing no signs of decreasing. That’s why Steve Mahne offers a few ways that using social media can help advisors.

3.  9 Best Practices for Your Advisor Blog via kirk Lowe

Content is marketing and if you find it difficult to produce content, you’re behind. You risk losing a very important game by default when you don’t have valuable and authentic content to power your marketing engine. That marketing engine is your website, your social networks, email, webinars, publishing, SEO, SEM, and so on. It’s also fair to say you can’t empower your most important marketing engine—referrals. So as with any seemingly ominous task, start by breaking it down; first with how to create content, then how to get it read and shared.

Twenty Over Ten marketing for financial advisors five little things monday tips

4. Identifying Your Core Personality via etfdb

Have you ever wondered why you naturally “click” with some of your clients and other client relationships you really have to work at? The answer just might be in your personality DNA. Your natural personality type can play a huge factor in your client and prospect relationships. As a matter of fact, conflict and tension typically occurs between opposite personality types. Are you ready to figure out your core personality?

Five Little Things Twenty Over Ten Monday Financial aDvisors

5. Are Your Clients Happy? Time Will Tell via Wendy J. Cook

Lately, a significant number of posts have centered around the value of spending money on spending time (i.e., on having experiences instead of possessions.) Studies suggest people also derive a lot of pleasure from spending money on saving time or, put another way, on avoiding experiences they’d rather not have, like housekeeping or yard work. But what if you presented the value you bring to your clients in increments of time instead of just the money?

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