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By Laurel Hecht Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: August 3, 2020

6 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: August 3, 2020 Featured Image

Today we are telling you all about how to increase efficiency in your advisory business’ marketing and outreach programs. Does it ever feel like you have no time to devote to your digital marketing? You know it is crucial for your business to grow but with keeping up with your current clients, it is just too difficult to spend time figuring out your marketing strategy. This is an extremely common debacle for advisors to find themselves in. We thought it may be helpful to give you a couple of fast-paced, hard-hitting ways to increase efficiency in your marketing, so that you can spend more time doing what you love.

1. Reduce Time and Costs During Your Advisory Firm’s Transitions via Top Advisor Marketing

Efficiency is defined as achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense. If your advisory business is going through a transition, you certainly want to maintain an efficient routine and technique for recruiting, growing and retaining businesses. This podcast with Jeremi Karnell, president and COO of Truelytics, an advisor transition management platform, tells advisors how they can navigate costs and time through large transitions.

2. The Hidden Power of Google My Business via Advisor Perspectives

Google is so much more than just a search engine for you to ask questions. It has mind-blowing power to keep records and gather statistics for your advisory business. These amazing features can be extremely useful for your advisory business in boosting your website traffic. Case in point: Google My Business. Having an optimized Google My Business listing increases your chance of showing up as a first result when people search for advisors in their area. Do not miss out on getting a leg up over your competitors through Google My Business. Those interested should consider:

  1. Claiming and updating your listing
  2. Adding media
  3. Getting Google Reviews

3. Work From Home Tips via Perfectly Planned Content

Are you still working through an efficient way to work from home? Sure, by now you most likely have a nice, organized (somewhat) home office, but you are still heavily distracted by the fact that any house cleaning, family members, pets or home-related tasks could still be needing your attention during the workday. Or maybe it’s just the fact that you’re still in your pajamas at 12 PM, because why not? This article focuses on the ways to build structural boundaries in your home office, so that you can maximize your efficiency and make the most of these work-from-home days! 

4. The Wizard of Social Networks with Jay Palter via Ezra Group, LLC

A frequent complaint and concern we hear is that advisors just don’t know how to do social media. It is such an intimidating and massive arena, spread across so many platforms with masses of audiences; how do you even make yourself heard? And where do you start? This podcast, featuring Jay Palter,  owner of his own social advisory firm, covers these three topics:

  • Social Networking Just Got Way More Important
  • The Three Types of Business Capital
  • Uses & Misuses of LinkedIn

5. Four Reasons Financial Advisors Should Incorporate a Stock Market Summary in Their Marketing Strategy via Lead Pilot

Why should efficiency only be for you? You can also work to increase efficiency in your clients’ lives by making yourself a one-stop-all-things-finance business. A way to develop this helpful reputation is by incorporating updates for your clients on all things finances. This will help you to build a credible, trustworthy role in their lives and will help them to stay in the know! A great place to start is by providing stock market summaries to your clients. Four reasons to implement this strategy highlighted in this article are:

  1. You Can Explain the Issues Impacting Your Clients’ Portfolios
  2. It Shows You’re a Good Listener and Communicator
  3. It Establishes You as a Thought Leader and Expert
  4. It Shows That You’re Not Only Paying Attention During Periods of Volatility, but All the Time


About the author

Laurel Hecht

Laurel is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten who loves any chance to communicate and connect with people through her writing. She creates many of the social media posts you see on Twenty Over Ten’s platforms (yup, there’s a person behind those tweets!). When she’s not on the clock, she loves rock climbing, experimenting with funky concoctions in the kitchen and spending time with her handsome fiancé. She truly hopes you enjoy her writing!

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