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By Emily Matyas Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: August 28, 2017

5 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: August 28, 2017 Featured Image

It’s sad to see summer winding down but our Five Little Things posts are here to stay! This week we’re taking a deeper look into how financial advisors can develop a stronger rapport with clients through online marketing and PR tactics and tools.


Have you ever tuned in to your local news station to find an interview with a financial professional? In April, he might be asked about tax prep. In December, charitable donations may be the topic of conversation. Regardless of the topic, for financial experts, being interviewed on the news is the perfect way to raise your profile, establish credibility and garner more clients. So how can you get the attention of your local news media?

Financial Advisor PR marketing tips

2. High Email Unsubscribe Rate? Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing via Neil Patel

You should always expect that a certain number of subscribers will eventually ditch you. That’s the nature of email marketing. The trick isn’t to become overwhelmed with the downside. Instead, focus on the upside of your actions. You want to see the CTR, conversions, and ROI. Those are some of the most important email-marketing metrics. To see any of those things, you need a rock-solid list of subscribers, though. You can’t have ‘dead weight’ hanging around, potentially dragging down those good metrics.

So what happens when you suddenly see a huge spike in unsubscribes? If people are unsubscribing, it might actually be a good thing. If they’re not, you may want to consider dumping them yourself.

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3. Still Feeling Lost? Download this Content Marketing Roadmap via FiComm Partners

Think about the process you follow to create portfolios. You start by assessing your client’s needs, risk tolerance, time horizon and goals. Then you start by filling in the big picture, which is typically the client’s asset allocation. Once that’s done, you drill down to sub-asset classes, and then to specific investment vehicles. Only after you go through this whole exercise are you finally ready to run out and buy ETFs.

That’s exactly the point of a content roadmap. It lets you drill down from your high-level strategic business and communications goals to the specific, in-the-trenches tactics that will get you there. It keeps you on track and makes every word count.

Website Content Roadmaps for financial advisors

4. Financial Advisor Website Best Practices via ETFBD

Most advisors face the challenge of building trust and establishing credibility on their websites and converting prospects into clients in an extremely crowded and competitive online landscape. It’s imperative to build a site that connects with your ideal prospects in an engaging way. Your prospects are looking for a first impression that stands out in the financial services digital marketplace. Your site should not only engage prospects, but also establish your expertise through thought leadership and compelling content.

Financial advisor's website best practices Twenty Over Ten

5. 4 Steps to Generate Conviction and Build a Connection via FPA Practice

Many vetern financial advisors know how to assist clients with understanding the risks they are taking. Instead of just telling the client what they think, advisors simply asked the client enough questions to get the client to come to his or her own conclusions that services such as insurance are indeed something of value. But rookies sometimes lack the experience and level of conviction needed to pitch their products and services. That’s why Daniel C. Finley of Advisor Solutions compiled a guide of four steps to generate conviction to build a connection with clients.

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