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By Blair Kelly Outreach

Five Little Things For Your Monday: August 17, 2020

5 minute read
Five Little Things For Your Monday: August 17, 2020 Featured Image

We hope that everyone had a great weekend and found some time to relax! For this week’s Five Little Things article, we wanted to round up some articles on social media tips, as it’s more important than ever to boost your strategy and online presence. As an advisor, have you tried using sketches to better explain your financial concepts? In one of our articles, you can learn more about how to do that. We’ve got all this and much more, so read on for your weekly dose of helpful tips. 

1. Episode 248: Reasons for Advisors to Drop the Jargon and Start Using Sketches to Explain Financial Concepts-With Carl Richards via Top Advisor Marketing

Many advisors may use jargon and financial terms to boost their credibility, but when it comes to communicating with clients, it’s best to lose the big words.

Hear from Carl Richards CFP®, Creator of the Behavior Gap and the Sketch Guy column, as he explains why using hand-drawn sketches is an effective teaching tool that demonstrates your expertise.

Tune in to learn:

  • Who in the financial industry uses Behavior Gap
  • The four most common uses of Behavior Gap for advisor marketing
  • Why sketches make financial concepts easy for people to understand
  • Why sketches actually demonstrate an advisor’s expertise
  • Reasons for advisors to stop using jargon and embrace simplicity instead
  • And much more!

Top Advisor Marketing

2. The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Image Sizes in 2020 via Social Media Today

Attention to detail is crucial when it comes to doing a good social post or a great one. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there is an increasing number of businesses online, so people are working so hard to boost their online presence. This comes to images too, and so using the correct dimensions is key. The infographic below will tell you everything you need to know about social media images and how to best size them.

Social Media

3. Daily Digital Marketing Schedule for Financial Advisors (Email, Social Media, and More) via Lead Pilot

With so much going on, as a financial advisor, it can be difficult to keep track of your digital marketing schedule on top of everything else. CMO, Samantha Russell is here to show you how you can boost your digital marketing efforts with a simple schedule. The video below is full of useful tips.


4. Building Brand Trust In Our “New Normal” via AdvisorPR

2020 has been a turbulent year thus far, and many of the changes that have been taking place have sped up changes that had already started to take place. In marketing communication, building trust in your brand has become more important than ever. So, what actions can your business take in order to solve problems?

  1. You can organize events
  2. Advise clients on strategies for financial gifting
  3. Consider social priorities and impact

We are hoping that things return to normal sooner rather than later, but until they do, these tactics can help you to boost your brand trust with your clients.


5. Tips & Tools to Help You Find Your Next Blog Post Topic via Cision

It can be difficult to continuously come up with blog topics when you are creating content on a regular basis. It’s important that you are choosing content that your audience is going to want to read, so here are some tips for narrowing down your blog topic.

  1. Rework an old blog post
  2. Check the editorial calendar
  3. Poll your readers
  4. Look at the numbers

There are a lot of awesome tools out there that can assist with this, as well, so to find out more about each, check out the full blog.


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