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By Stuart Farst Showcase

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Nerad + Deppe Wealth Management

6 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Nerad + Deppe Wealth Management Featured Image

Nerad and Deppe Wealth Management Website

We enjoy seeing the different ways clients customize their site. And as part of our continuing “Financial Advisor Website Showcase” blog, we visited the Nerad and Deppe Wealth Management website to see how they handled the design process.





1. A Memorable and Unique Layout

The Nerad and Deppe Wealth Management site stands out upon your first visit. Unlike other websites, with scrolling pages and an anchored menu, the Nerad and Deppe site bisects the screen into two, providing relevant images on the left and specified information on the right. The menu rests at the center of the page, out of the way but easily found. These design features make the website more memorable to a visitor, without harming the user experience and keeping navigation intuitive.

2. Unintrusive Navigation Menu Keeps Pages Relevant

Speaking of navigation, each tab of the website contains concise information. This makes navigation clear and relevant. From the overall menu at the center of the site to the tabs in the corner of each page. The organization of information helps users easily find the information they are looking for. This is supported by the website’s subtle animations. When visiting a new mage, like How We Help, the menu on the left recedes, the overarching text appears over the image then information scrolls up from the right. This animation, though minor, draws the attention of the viewer to maintain an intuitive experience across pages.

Nerad and Deppe Site Page Transition

3. Using Images as a Source of Branding

Images are an important aspect of every website, like the animation above, they can draw attention to a section and support the copy and tone of a webpage. With multiple forms of information on the right side of the site, it’s difficult to find an image that relates specifically to a given subject. Instead, the Nerad and Deppe website uses images as an opportunity for branding and localization. Pictures from around La Jolla, the firm’s location, as well as the greater San Diego county, provide a feeling of place for the firm. While the orange, black and white color saturation and editing lend itself to the firm’s branded color scheme. Using images in this way creates cohesion between the different tabs and pages of the website.

Nerad and Deppe Images

4. Focused Content Stages The Site as a Reliable Information Source

Blogs are an opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics. They could be used to personalize your site, highlighting team members or they could discuss financial best-practices. The Nerad and Deppe Blog opts to focus on market conditions. The blog tab is thoughtful in both copy and lead capture. From phrases like “From Our Point of View” to presenting an email sign up and call-to-action, the blog does a great job of presenting the material as a reliable source, while acknowledging the challenges of examining the market. These features present the blog as knowledgeable and trustworthy, reinforcing the lead capture elements of signing up to receive more information. Nerad and Deppe Blog

5. Incorporating a Client Login Page

As a benefit to many clients, the Nerad and Deppe Client Resources page provides links to a variety of financial platforms. And, along with the marketing reports within the blog, as shown above, this sets the website as a one-stop location for client needs. Doing so increases the value of utilizing Nerad and Deppe Wealth Management as a financial advisor and adds convenience to a client’s financial routine, saving both time and effort.

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Stuart Farst

Stuart is a Content Marketing Specialist at Twenty Over Ten and enjoys creating content that both entertains and educates. A Game Designer at heart, he can be found pursuing one of his many hobbies during his free time.


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