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By Stuart Farst Showcase

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Hoyt Wealth Management

6 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: Hoyt Wealth Management Featured Image


Hoyt Wealth Management Website

As part of our continuing “Financial Advisor Website Showcase” blog, we took a deep-dive into Hoyt Wealth Management’s website to see how our client Ken Hoyt, CFP®, EA approached the design process. We enjoy seeing how different clients approach their online presence, so read on to learn more.

1.Intelligent Navigation and Design

All of the pages on the Hoyt Wealth Management website are structured to provide just enough information to spark curiosity. Buttons like “Straightforward Pricing” tell us about the benefits and offer the opportunity to learn more. While animation helps break up these elements and draws attention to titles and features. And once you’ve read a page, two buttons at the bottom direct you towards your next question – enticing viewers to take action.

Hoyt Wealth Management Animation


2. Providing Two Perspectives

Many of Hoyt Wealth Management pages separate information into two options. This is most apparent in the two-button option at the bottom of a page, but can be seen in other elements. For example, many advisors prefer to focus on benefits, and Hoyt Wealth does just that, but they also tell you what they don’t offer. In doing so they focus the purpose of their site and target a niche audience, allowing them to save time and work with not just clients, but the right clients.

We also see this in Ken Hoyt’s personal page, where he provides the reader with two sides of himself – the professional, and the personal. The “professional” provides qualifications, experience and differences to other advisors, backing Ken’s credibility and technical skills. The “personal” side is a story about Ken’s drive to become a financial advisor and the process that lead him to launch Hoyt Wealth Management. Separating these sections gives visitors the information they want without digging into a paragraph, but by placing them on the same page they remain related, connecting them and giving readers perspective.

Hoyt Wealth Management Personal Page


3. Including Plenty of Call-To-Actions

Despite the natural direction of navigation, the Hoyt Wealth Management site contains several locations where buttons will guide the user to a different page. These are often included at any point where a topic includes a call-to-action. By doing this, the website provides multiple routes for lead capture without being intrusive or relying on a contact page. In doing so, a greater experience is created for the visitor, who is free to explore the website and given the next action when they’re ready to take it.

Hoyt Wealth Management CTA

4. Transparent and Accessible Pricing

We love it when advisors present their pricing, it makes things more transparent and trustworthy and saves the advisor and lead time in the long run. Hoyt Wealth Management’s Processes and Fees Tab does just this. Prices are also separated into three categories and clear rates. In addition, a step-by-step setup establishes when and why you would be charged.

Hoyt Wealth Management Pricing Page

5. Active On Social Media

Advisors that want to generate more leads need to be on social. We’ve stressed this a lot over time, but it really is integral to your marketing and online presence. Even if you don’t have time to post, you can always interact with other content. Ken Hoyt is very active on LinkedIn, a chosen platform of many advisors for its easy access to other professionals. Responding or sharing, and creating content can help you get in on the same conversation and in front of others. It also demonstrates that you’re active in your industry, setting you up a knowledge source.

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Stuart Farst

Stuart is a Content Marketing Specialist at Twenty Over Ten and enjoys creating content that both entertains and educates. A Game Designer at heart, he can be found pursuing one of his many hobbies during his free time.

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