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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Financial Advisor Website Showcase: DeMore Wealth Management, LLC

10 minute read
Financial Advisor Website Showcase: DeMore Wealth Management, LLC Featured Image

We’re kicking off our first “Financial Advisor Website Showcase” blog of 2021, and we can’t wait to tackle the new year! We had the opportunity to chat with David DeMore, CFP®, MSFS, EA, tax and wealth advisor at DeMore Wealth Management, LLC to find out more about the firm and how they operate.

Built on our Fresnel framework, we were excited to showcase DeMore Wealth Management’s website and discuss some of its features that stand out. To find out about their design process, marketing strategies and more, check out David’s answers below.


1. To start things off, can you give us some background on DeMore Wealth Management and discuss how you got started?

In 2013, after eight years in the financial industry, I started DeMore Wealth Management, LLC. We focus on high-net-worth clients who are at or near retirement. We’re also a tax preparation firm and most of our clients have both a tax and investment advisory relationship with us.  We are fortunate to have clients we really like working with.  I’m truly grateful that I get to do work I enjoy – with people I enjoy.

My career as a financial advisor began in 2005, just after finishing college. I started with a Fortune 500 insurance and financial services firm where I received the Rookie of Year Award. Having just turned 24, I could see that investing in knowledge and learning from experienced advisors would the key to being successful. I got to work right away on the CFP® designation and by 2008 was a card-carrying Certified Financial Planner™ Professional. During that time, I did joint client work with other advisors which was invaluable.

2. Including a comprehensive FAQ page on your advisory website is a great way to boost the overall user experience for your site visitors, so we were thrilled to see that you have included one on your site. Do you feel as though including this page on your site has decreased the number of questions that you receive and has it made for an overall more positive experience with prospects and clients? 

I find that having a FAQ page has resulted in fewer questions. People usually confirm the information just to make sure they understand it.

DeMore FAQ page

3. We noticed that you showcase your commitment to ethics with our accordions feature. This increases visitor interaction as potential leads can click on topic headings to find out more about what values your firm finds most important. What made you decide to use this feature on your website, and do you feel as though it has boosted the user experience? 

When it comes to website development, I’m not an expert and I had help from the Twenty Over Ten team. The accordions feature was added based on their recommendation. I feel it has boosted the user experience by making the site cleaner and easier to navigate.

DeMore Wealth

4. We often discuss how important it is to include fees on your website for transparency’s sake and to attract qualified leads. We love how you chose to incorporate fees on your website in a way that is incredibly easy to understand. Since including them on your site, have you noticed that leads are more qualified or that your initial meetings are more productive?

I’ve seen the fee conversation get shorter and become more of a confirmation and clarification conversation.

DeMore fees and capabilities

5. Using video in the background of websites is growing in popularity, as it’s not only visually appealing but conveys what your company is about in a unique and succinct way. Can you share what led you to decide to use such unique videos that showcase personal images of family throughout your site and how does this align with the values of your firm? 

I really enjoyed finding videos for the website. I tried to pick ones that symbolized what we do but also picked images that mixed with the things I’m passionate about. Those things are family, guitar, hockey, and golf. I managed to find good videos for all those things.

DeMore wealth homepage

6. We encourage advisors to blog consistently, as it’s a crucial aspect when it comes to boosting your overall SEO, and you are doing a great job of keeping up with a good cadence of content. Can you tell us more about your content schedule and what tools you leverage to help with regularly creating and disseminating educational content?

Blogging was something that the team at Twenty Over Ten pointed out to me. Frankly, I knew very little about blogging before we revamped our online strategy. We try to have two or three blog posts a week. We look for content relative to our target client using the content assist feature. Once we find a suitable article, we add keywords and make the content more personalized to our firm. In 2021, we plan on adding original content as well.

7. It’s great that you are using our one-click integration with Calendly! The world has grown increasingly digital in 2020, and using a meeting scheduler like this makes booking meetings incredibly simple. We actually conducted a survey in 2019 and found that advisors who get 6-10 or 11+ clients per year had a calendar link on their website. What type of success have you found since using Calendly for your business?

Calendly is new for us and I can say we’ve had success with it. It makes it so easy to schedule an appointment with us. Most of our new business has come from referrals and now we find that people who were referred to us are scheduling online instead of calling our office.

DeMore calendly page

8. Having a strong presence on social media is a crucial part of your overall marketing strategy, especially in a socially-distant world. We noticed that you are not only on Facebook and Twitter but that you have a YouTube channel, as well. Can you elaborate on your social strategy and share any tips for content creation?

Social media makes referring and introducing us much easier. For example, when we send clients and prospects our quarterly newsletter, I’ll make a YouTube video with the same content. Oftentimes clients will share, like and comment on our posts.

9. Where do you see yourself in the next five years? What particular marketing and growth goals do you have for your business in the future?

Over the next five years, I see exponential growth for our firm. We’re going to continue our traditional marketing that has been successful – such as direct mail and client events – but our digital presence is a big focus going forward. We want our digital marketing to not only promote who we are and what we do but more importantly promote the confidence and peace of mind we inspire. We want prospects to be excited about what we can do for them. We hope they find that our firm is exactly the type of firm they are looking for.

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About the author

Blair Kelly

Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.


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