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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Financial Advisor Showcase: Southshore Financial Planning, LLC

9 minute read
Financial Advisor Showcase: Southshore Financial Planning, LLC Featured Image

Chris Shoup

We’ve got our advisor website showcase for April, and it’s a good one! For today’s blog, we caught up with Chris Shoup, CFP®, principal and financial planner at Southshore Financial Planning, LLC in Apollo Beach, Florida to learn about his firm, his marketing tactics and what he loves most about his website.

Built on the Fresnel framework, Southshore Financial Planning uses a background video on their homepage, which looks great and is growing in popularity on websites. Continue reading to check out all the other awesome elements on their site.

1. Let’s get started by talking more about Southshore Financial Planning – we’d love to hear about how your firm got its start.

After spending my entire 17-year career in the financial industry, I realized there was a growing need for truly comprehensive financial planning. Financial planning, wealth management and financial advising are now being used interchangeably in our industry. As such, I noticed a growing trend of companies offering limited “financial plans” at scale to drive sales of products like annuities, life insurance or investment management. At Southshore Financial Planning we view comprehensive financial planning as a proactive ongoing process of weaving together planning for taxes, investments, retirement, estate objectives, risks, liabilities, and other client-driven goals to improve client outcomes. With that in mind, we founded Southshore Financial Planning at the beginning of 2021. 

Our company provides comprehensive financial planning and investment management for individuals and families nearing (40+ years old) or in retirement. Our business model allows for an extremely low advisor-to-client ratio, which provides our clients with a more in-depth comprehensive financial planning and investment management relationship. We are also unique in that we have no investable asset minimum requirements and are happy to work in financial planning only capacity.

2.Using strategic calls-to-action (CTAs) is crucial for boosting your lead generation, and you have done a great job of using them throughout your website! You have also utilized the “Free Consultation” CTA, which is becoming incredibly popular in our space. Can you elaborate on your decision to use this offer and how has it affected your lead generation efforts?

I wanted to have a process that provides transparency from the start of the relationship. The call-to-action really helps potential clients understand the process of us evaluating what value we can bring to their current situation. The team at Twenty Over Ten did an incredible job with creating a visualization for what that pathway looks and feels like. It has been one of my top lead generation tools.

Calls to Action

The team at Twenty Over Ten did an incredible job with creating a visualization for what that pathway looks and feels like.

-Chris Shoup, CFP®, Southshore Financial Planning, LLC

3. We love your robust resources section. Not only do you have articles, but you also include additional helpful documents, a “Risk Check” and a “Health + Care Check.” Creating meaningful content is the backbone of any good marketing strategy but we know it can be a challenge. What tips and resources would you share with others who are looking to create a robust resources section like you?

The resources section is my favorite. I would suggest to others to think about how you can answer the most common questions that you hear from clients and prospective clients. Then look for resources to assist you in answering those questions. For me, Twenty Over Ten and Pathfinder have been great resources to answer some of these questions in a very time-efficient way.

Helpful Documents

4. We also couldn’t help but notice the “Events” section on your website, with the note to stay tuned for upcoming events. What do successful events look like for Southshore and how have you pivoted your event strategy due to COVID?

Speaking of time efficiency my events page is a bad example of this. I love hosting educational events and have been doing them my entire career. With onboarding new clients and other business activities, I haven’t had the time to devote to my events offerings. I expect to host a couple towards the end of the year so stay tuned.

Events section

5. We discuss how important it is to include fees on your website for transparency’s sake and to attract more qualified leads. We love how you chose to incorporate fees on your website in a way that is incredibly easy to understand. Since including them on your site, have you noticed that leads are more qualified or that your initial meetings are more productive?

It was important to have our website encompass our three core values, Fiduciary, Transparency and Simplicity. The team at Twenty-Over Ten nailed our vision for this on our pricing page. It has absolutely led to easier conversations with potential clients because they come into the initial meeting informed of what services we offer and how we charge for them.

fees and pricing

6. Designing the perfect website that not only drives leads but showcases your firm takes a lot of work, but it is well worth it. What was your favorite part about the website design process and conversely, what part was the most difficult?

My favorite part was seeing it take shape. It’s similar to building a house in that you see different sections come together and build on one another. Some of the final design elements were the most difficult. The Twenty Over Ten Team created multiple great options that were difficult to narrow down.

7. Looking ahead to the next 2-3 years, what are your biggest marketing goals and how do you plan to achieve them?

I really don’t anticipate changing too much from a marketing standpoint over the next couple of years. My strategy will continue to provide answers to important financial questions that people have. My current new client acquisition is at a perfect pace right now of 2-3 per month. This pace really allows me to offer an in-depth onboarding experience for new clients while providing existing clients with the highest level of service.

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About the author

Blair Kelly

Blair is a digital marketing assistant at Twenty Over Ten and has a passion for uncovering what drives online traffic and the highest engagement. She follows more animals on Instagram than humans and her greatest achievement is her daughter, Grey.


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