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By Stuart Farst Outreach

Financial Advisor Showcase: Adrian Rowles

7 minute read
Financial Advisor Showcase: Adrian Rowles Featured Image

Adrian Rowles Mockup

For today’s “Financial Advisor Website Showcase” blog, we are exploring some of the top features of Adrian Rowles. Built on our Prism framework, find out more about the unique features built into their website and some of the things that really make them stand out.

Based out of Tokyo, Japan, the Adrian Rowles site utilizes our Prism Framework to provide a modern and professional design.

Clean, compact navigational features position services and content center stage. While added resources, video, and downloadables help attract and retain users.

The Adrian Rowles site offers a wealth of inspiration for any advisor. So get ready to dive in as we examine the features that make this site great.

7 Top Website Features

1. Clear Hero Text and A Show-Stopping Imagery

Your website’s homepage should tell visitors exactly what you do, and how it’s different from others. The Adrian Rowles site does this perfectly with precise hero text and services.

We love that the site’s features use the same color palette as the Adrian Rowles logo, attracting the eye and guiding visitors towards their next step. The looping video behind the hero text also reinforces the site’s emphasis on sustainability while remaining professional and unobtrusive.


2. Use of a Testimonial Page

Reviews and testimonials reinforce the quality of a firm’s services. So we’re excited to see the Adrian Rowle’s site is using Twenty Over Ten’s new Testimonial Page Layouts.

Designed in response to the new SEC Ad rule, these layouts make it easy to showcase your firm’s reviews. We also especially like that the Adrian Rowle site provides a link directly to Google to view more reviews. Doing so provides transparency, and trust, while potentially attracting additional reviews from new clients.

3. Gated Content for Lead Generation

Creating informative and helpful information is a great way to attract leads and prospects.

The Adrian Rowles site does just this by providing a robust list of downloadables on specific topics related to the firm’s services. Best of all, this content is gated by an email sign-up, providing the Adrian Rowles site with an additional form of lead generation.


4. Added Value With FinTech Resources

Providing resources to manage finances is one of the best ways to attract and retain clients. So we love that the Adrian Rowles site provides direct links to FinTech apps that clients can use to track and manage their wealth and investments. Apps include:

  • DeVere Investment
  • DeVere Crypto-Trading
  • Vault Borderless Banking

Check out the Adrian Rowles FinTech page to learn more about these apps and to see how they’re included in the site’s overall design.


5. Clever Use of Video Content

Advisors can leverage video in multiple ways to benefit their firm, from educational content, to behind the scenes.

So we were excited that the Adrian Rowles site not only leverages video to describe complex services. But also incorporates it as part of a collective social media strategy through the Adrian Rowles YouTube channel.

Together, these videos improve user experience by breaking down financial topics with an added level of personalization and quality.

Adrian Rowles Video

6. Efficient Scheduling Through Event Planning

In a 2019 survey we conducted on digital marketing trends, we found that advisors that reported receiving 6-10 or 11+ clients per year used similar site features. One feature on this list included an integrated scheduling tool (like Calendly) for booking meetings.

We were happy to see the Adrian Rowles site uses something similar behind the “Book a Meeting” button. The best part about this feature though? Before providing a link to a calendar, you’re asked to select a meeting type.

This feature helps remove roadblocks for prospects and clients, while also providing an added level of lead qualification.

Adrian Rowles Scheduling Options

7. Accordion Features to Improve User Experience

Financial topics are complex, especially to new visitors. Creating an organized site that provides appropriate information, without appearing overwhelming, is the goal.

The Adrian Rowles site does just this by tapping into Prism’s accordion feature. This feature provides drop-down menus to guide visitors, allowing them to engage the information they need. For example, the Investment Property page of Andrian Rowles provides a step-by-step breakdown using the accordion feature.

Adrian Rowles Accordion Feature Example

Final Thoughts

It’s exciting to see the results of advisors working with our design team. The way each site leverages design and marketing best practices to attract and convert leads is a great source of inspiration. What’s most satisfying though is how these combine to create a unique website for each advisor.

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