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By Nicole Skalamera Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Weiss Financial Group

7 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Weiss Financial Group Featured Image

At Twenty Over Ten, we are constantly working to improve our platform so that it is easy to use and accessible, while also containing cutting edge website capabilities and features. Many of the clients we have featured thus far have worked with our design team to build a site for them. This week, we’d like to feature a client who utilized our other option, which is to build a website on our system using our app. Weiss Financial Group utilized our ‘Do It Yourself‘ option to build a website for their practice, with stunning results.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Weiss, from Weiss Financial Group, and he provided great insight into his experience building his own website through our platform. According to Scott,

“Over the years I have worked with 2 other quality advisor website template providers, but Twenty Over Ten’s themes are by far the simplest and most user friendly of the bunch.”

Although Scott was able to essentially build his entire website through this bundle deal, our team was on call and available to help him with any development questions or concerns he had along the way. Co- Founder Ryan Russell was by his side to customize and add any technical features. Scott mentioned, “I built the site on Sunday, and by Monday was working with Ryan to help me customize the site to look and function the way I’d envisioned. Ryan was incredibly accommodating with my customization requests, and offered additional input on how to get the most out their templates.”


At Twenty Over Ten, our ultimate vision is for our client’s goals to be met. We work alongside our clients to build their dream website, so that once completed, it is everything they have ever hoped for.

There is no ordinary when it comes to website building. Each and every website needs their own unique “WOW” Factor. 

In Weiss Financial Group’s website, Scott was able to add some incredible features allowing both current and potential clients to contact him. Ever since integrating Schedule Once’s “Book a Meeting” element on his website, he has been receiving wonderful feedback:

“The Book a Meeting feature through Schedule Once has been a game changer for us. First off, it helps make the site a destination for our clients. They now know they can simply go to our website to schedule a meeting. Overall, this has made our site more active and useful. We have had tremendously positive feedback from prospects and clients. It has proven to be a great addition to our website.”


In addition to the online booking feature, Scott was also able to add some videos to his homepage. This greatly adds to the overall User Experience, and according to Scott, “I absolutely love the videos. This is another element I found on an advisor’s website I admire. I love how these videos can essentially replace pages of text. In just a few seconds I feel we get our message across.”

With these features, Weiss Financial Group has been able to employ modern, user-friendly, and mobile-responsive features, essentially creating the ultimate user experience. Now with just a click of a button, their current and prospective clients can learn more about the firm and its practice through video visuals, ‘Book a Meeting’ buttons, or blog posts which are embedded right on their webpage. Through these features, their website creates an immediate sense of communication and contact.

“Our new site looks and works much better than it ever has before. Prospects are coming to the “Get Acquainted” meeting familiar with the site and may have watched a video or two. It’s almost like we are beginning the initial meeting in the middle of the conversation rather than starting from scratch.”

Through the ‘Do It Yourself‘ bundle deal, Scott was able to create his ideal website for his firm. With our support team, we made sure that no obstacles were permanent in achieving his ultimate vision. And by adding various modern and user-friendly features, Weiss Financial Group‘s website has been able to develop a quick and easy line of communication to their clients. As they continue to grow, we wish them nothing but success and continuous advancement.

Interested in learning more about creating a website with Twenty Over Ten? Our “Creating a Website with Twenty Over Ten: What You Need to Know” blog post has all the answers you are looking for, as well as a short video demo. You can also contact us at [email protected] or call us at 980-352-0103 for more information about getting started.

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