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By Nora Bowen Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Wealthcare LLC

5 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Wealthcare LLC Featured Image

At Twenty Over Ten, financial advisors work with us to create a website where they chose from numerous “themes” and together we design their websites specific to their visions and objectives. This past week, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rachel from Wealthcare LLC and she provided some insight into her experience building a website on our app.

“It would be easy for a client or prospect to get a full and correct understanding of who we are and what we can do for them by scrolling through our site for a minute or two- this was not the case with our old site.”


Favorite Feature of the New Website

While the old website was simple, which she liked — it was outdated. Rachel worked with Twenty Over Ten through one of our bundle packages – the copywriting bundle, which includes not only website design but also help in streamlining the copy and content of your website. When they decided to update our website, they looked at a lot of other advisor websites and thought they all looked the same and said similar things. They wanted the website simply to communicate who they were and what they do- nothing more. Since they are big believer in “less is more” –  we transmitted their message clearly and succinctly while keeping the layout clean and simple. The overall aesthetic is her favorite part because of it’s simple, clean, and modern look!

“The simple, straight-forward quality really epitomize Wealth Care as a firm and it was really important to us that our website reflected that.”

When I asked if they had received any feedback in regard to the new site, she said had received tons of complimentary emails from clients.


Use of Photographs to Depict Their Company

If you scroll through the website, the photos on the site project a calming, easygoing feeling with pictures of the beach, lighthouse and dock. The main inspiration for these beautiful photos was their location and personal life. The beach picture is actually taken right in front of their Cocoa Beach, FL office. While the site does have headshots that are very nice and professional, the beach picture reflects a typical day after a client meeting.


“Peace of mind is what we hope to give our clients, and I think the water-themed aesthetic goes very well with our peace of mind focused content.”

Rachel grew up surrounded by water and she said being by the water still gives her a deep feeling of calm and peace of mind. She believes that the photographs help connect clients with the company’s overall purpose, as do we.

Getting to know Wealthcare LLC

Something that really interested me and I thought was really unique was that they are a family firm.

Since they are a “family firm”, Rachel explained that they she and her dad have a wonderful working relationship and dynamic. The two of them do everything from answering the phones to doing paperwork, which makes them incredibly efficient.

“I’m really lucky to work under my dad because he is such an amazing mentor–I’ve looked up to him since I can remember and I can’t think of anyone better to groom me as a financial planner.”

Wealthcare Family Firm


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