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By Nicole Skalamera Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Moors & Cabot

5 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Moors & Cabot Featured Image

Tradition. Experience. Value. Relationships. These are just some of the attributes that Moors & Cabot prides itself on. With years of financial planning through municipal bonds, they truly established themselves through their service and loyalty to their clients. I had the pleasure of speaking with Peter Scott, who was able to give me some insight into the vision Moors & Cabot had for their new Municipal Bonds site.

Before starting the website design process with us at Twenty Over Ten, Peter mentioned, “We didn’t have a lot of ideas, but we knew that our old site was not effective. We needed a website that was easy to use and delivered a clear clean message as to what we do.”

M&C Muni Bonds Homepage


Their new website truly encompasses their story. Immediately by viewing the homepage, the user is able to understand the real experience of the investment process, through their clear text, subtle pictures of infrastructure of buildings, and their slogan:

“A Better Bond Buying Experience”

What’s especially great about their website is that they are able to incorporate this sense of building and establishment with a sleek and modern design approach. The layout is simplistic, with a neutral color scheme of just grays and blues. The bright blues direct to important points on the page to further enhance easy movement and the User Experience (UX). Each link navigates the user to a new page with clear cut information that is accompanied with their slogan on top and a detailed picture of ironwork on a bridge. The ironwork on the bridge reiterates this notion of strength and security through powerful investments.

With clear and detailed text along with a main picture and slogan, Moors & Cabot is able to establish their Unique Value Proposition (UVP), which is essential to every great site. When a user visits their site, they understand that strong investments can promote strong foundational building and great returns.

According to Peter, they have been receiving positive feedback from their new site, “Our clients like the new design and layout. The site is user friendly with just enough information so they can navigate freely.”

The website includes an updated Bond Inventory list, as well as a Contact page that stays static on each page of the site, allowing users to easily get in touch at any time.


Though the company shapes itself around strong everlasting relationships and committed service, Moors & Cabot also understands the importance of keeping up with the consistently evolving movement of technology. Hence, they know that maintaining an online presence, especially through social media is vital in keeping up with competition.

“Online Marketing is the one thing in our business that we need to work on. It is something that we really hope to get better at, and with our new site, we have a great start.”

And Peter is right. A new site can truly mark the beginning of online growth. Here at Twenty Over Ten, we work with our clients to clearly depict their ultimate vision. The start, or in the case of Moors & Cabot, the continuing to any great business is a great website and online presence. And no matter the time, it is never too late for a modern update.

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