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By Maria Ortiz Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Halpern Financial

6 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Halpern Financial Featured Image

On Thursdays, we profile real business owners that have worked with Twenty Over Ten to overhaul their website through our “Client Showcase”.  I always love talking to the clients to get their take on things, and in writing the showcases we get to look behind-the-scenes into how our designers worked with our clients to bring their vision for their brand to life.

This week I spoke with Ted Halpern and  Krist Linz of Halpern Financial, Inc, an independent wealth management and Registered Investment Advisory firm located in the Washington, DC area.

Halpern Financial's Home Page connects the team's slogan "Building a Bridge for a Better Tomorrow" with imagery that reflects that statement
Halpern Financial’s Home Page connects the team’s slogan “Building a Bridge for a Better Tomorrow” with imagery that reflects that statement


One of the first question I always like to ask is, “what is your favorite part of the job?” to which Ted responded that he really enjoys Investment Management and Financial Planning and the way the company is set up – completely independent, which allows Halpern Financial to act in the best interest of their clients. Kristi added on to Ted’s statement by also agreeing that one of her favorite parts of the job is the independence of the firm and the flexibility to do what is right.

To better portray the value and services offered by Halpern Financial, Ted and his team agreed that a new modern look was needed for the company’s online presence. They wanted a site that would be expertly designed to convey their unique client experience and wealth management process to potential new clients, while also making it incredibly easy for existing clients to login and access their accounts. They also knew they needed the the new site to be mobile-responsive, so that it could be viewed on laptops as well as smartphones and tablets without compromising quality or valuable information such as the contact phone number and email address. Ted feels the firm’s new digital presence is allowing them to increase brand recognition and create an additional way for new prospects to get to know Halpern Financial online.

When asked what were some of the most important features they wanted to include when building the new site, Ted said he wanted prospective clients to clearly identify the objective and mission of the firm in just a few clicks, as well as for information to be easily accessible through a clean and organized navigation.  Staying on top of cutting edge technology is always the goal of Halpern’s team, and having a new modern website and digital presence has allowed the firm to make a breakthrough impact in the industry.


One of the most prominent aspects of Halpern Financial’s new site is the different quotes and imagery that are used as the header for each page. Many represent the connection between being financially savvy and the successful results that can be achieved by doing so. Others speak to the location of the firm, and depict beautiful scenes from the Washington D.C. area.

On the homepage, “Building a bridge for a better tomorrow” is displayed as visitors start to navigate the site. I was interested in learning more about what exactly inspired the firm to use this quote to which Ted explained that the firm is located around a wealthy area in DC, but although many of the residents of the area have made a good deal of money, it does not always translate into building wealth. Therefore, Halpern Financial helps build the bridge between wealth and what each client envisions is their successful financial future. Through each page of the site visitors are welcomed with a quote that clearly reflects the identity and mission of Halpern Financial to continue to help their clients reach financial prosperity.

Halpern’s new mobile-responsive, modern site is a great example of how to update your digital presence while still staying true to your company’s brand, history and roots.

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