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By Maria Ortiz Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Broussard Financial Group

8 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Broussard Financial Group Featured Image

For this week’s client showcase, I had the pleasure of speaking with Jerry Broussard from Broussard Financial Group. Jerry chose to work with Twenty Over Ten through one of our bundle packages – the copywriting bundle, which includes not only website design but also help in streamlining the copy and content of your website.

Jerry had good information on his old website – but it was bulky and difficult to easily scan. He asked us to par down the contnet and help pull out or develop key words and phrases that quickly encompass who he and what he does. The result, as you can see, is a well-designed website that makes it easy for users to quickly asses who Jerry he, what his business does, and whom he specializes in working with.

Using Photography to Make Your Site Stand Out

One of the the reason’s I wanted to highlight Broussard Financial Group’s site was due to all of the interesting photography. Jerry shared that all of the photos used throuhout the site were actually taken by him – photography has been one of his hobbies for over 30 years, and when he mentioned this to the Twenty Over Ten design team, they thought it would be a nice touch to include his own photos throughout the site, but with a twist – make them all black and white to provide a sense of cohesion.

Jerry shared that many of his clients know about his passion for photography, and he also enjoys displaying various images he has taken throughout both of his offices as well as using these photos as a way to connect with clients and make the talk about family, travel, retirement, etc., a lot smoother.

This is an example of one of the principles we are always reinforcing – that your website is an extension of you, your brand and your business, so the more you can include elements that represent your unique personality the better. By using his own photography Jerry has done just that for Broussard Financial Group.

Highlighting Unique Features


One of the other prominent features on Broussard Financial Group’s site is the”View Our Online Calendar” CTA (Call to Action).  When a user clicks this button, they are taken to Jerry’s online calendar (through a third-party integration with Schedule Once) and they can book a meeting with him without ever having to contact him. Jerry shared that it is one of the best tools he uses as part of his practice today – this tool has made scheduling appointments a lot more efficient and effective and proves to be a good replacement to the old back and forth email conversations with clients to find an agreed upon time. He mentioned that today, many appointments are scheduled without ever calling the office.
The main purpose of the online calendar is primarily for new prospects, as Jerry wanted a low barrier of entry and for his potential new clients to feel comfortable reaching out to Broussard Financial Group. The online calendar feature allows prospective clients to schedule a quick 30 minute call to get to know the Broussard team a little better and figure out whether or not they are the right fit for each other. However, this feature is also proving to be beneficial in enabling current clients to interact with the website much more often they they would otherwise.

Getting to know Broussard Financial Group

Something that struck me and I really loved about this site was the two sections below, as I had not seen anything like it before (Why we’re different + It’s all about you):

Jerry told me that he decided to use these two sections to described Broussard Financial Group on his new website because after 30+ years of working alongside clients he has learned that clients’ main focus when looking for a financial advisor is to feel like they are the only customer. This is why Jerry picked these two sections to effectively and quickly show why he believes his company is different and that everything [they] do is about the client.

Wrapping up

Finally, I wanted to hear more about what drove Jerry to want to update his site – was it to get a message to both potential and current clients across more clearly? To which Jerry answered “Yes!”. He mentioned that his goal was to answer the two primary questions that clients visiting his site will be asking: 1) Is [this guy] a true financial planner or just a stockbroker?” and 2) “Can I trust him enough to make a quick appointment to ask more questions?” – Jerry feels that his new site is effectively answering these two questions, helping build this initial relationship with clients and prompting them to click the online calendar to schedule a meeting.

In addition to his already strong social media presence, Broussard Financial Group‘s new site is able to support and compliment the overall company strategy that drives clients to want to learn more about Jerry and what Broussard Financial Group can offer them.

At Twenty Over Ten we are always happy to help create these great client relationships through website designs that fit our clients visions and objectives.

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