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By Nicole Skalamera Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Prelude Financial

6 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Prelude Financial Featured Image

prelude financial


Here at Twenty Over Ten, our clients make up who we are. Every couple of weeks we participate in a Q&A with our clients to showcase their practice, their new online presence and their overall experience with working with our team. In this week’s edition, we had the pleasure of speaking with Scott Haley, from Prelude Financial. Take a look at our conversation with him below:

What inspired you to start Prelude Financial and where did the name Prelude come from?
I started Prelude Financial out of the desire to practice financial planning in my hometown of Wadsworth, Ohio and work with individuals I grew up with and cared about. The decision came out of necessity when I got laid off from my previous firm, but it worked out to be an incredible blessing since I always wanted to own my own firm.

What does your daily routine look like at Prelude?
My daily routine is pretty simple, I start off doing normal client maintenance (reviewing emails, checking accounts, reviewing priority work items, etc.) The rest of my day is spent working on either marketing or research related items. And if I have meetings scheduled for the day preparing for them.

What would you say is your firm’s overall philosophy?
You’re only as good as your last client. Easier said than done in most situations. I firmly believe in maintaining my reputation of being a good financial planner and believe it is the only true way to effectively grow my firm in the long-term. I know referral marketing has had its debates over the years, but having a strong reputation of always doing what is best for the clients will bring in future clients.prelude financial

What is your favorite part about being a financial advisor?
I love digging into complex problems and coming up with creative solutions.

What has been your favorite feature on the new Twenty Over Ten V2 platform thus far?
The new platform has made it extremely easy to implement new marketing ideas like offering a free eBook for signing up to receive my blogs.prelude financial

What intrigued you to choose to work with Twenty Over Ten to build your company’s website?
I firmly believe in the power of a niche and when I saw twenty over ten specializes in websites for financial advisors I knew that it would be a good fit.

We love your new site & how it’s become a true tool for lead generation. Tell us about some successes you’ve seen since launching in generating new business through things like your eBook, etc.
The new free eBook is still very new but has proven to be a successful marketing move for me with having a few signups in the first month of its release. When I analyzed my website analytics I noticed that I have a great amount of organic traffic coming, but it results in a low visitor conversion. My goal with the freemium content is to increase my conversion rate for niche oriented clients only. Since this strategy has shown tangible results in its first month I plan on implementing more free content with signups to my blog updates to further increase my conversion rates. Having free tools on a website like Advizr’s retirement planner, Right Capitals “Financial Planning Lite” or Riskalyze‘s “retirement score” is great, but they don’t build email lists. Offering content with a signup condition is the only way I have found to effectively build lists to increase visitor conversion.

Your blog and podcast features are outstanding. Where do you typically find inspiration for your content?

My main form of inspiration has been the issues I run into with actual clients and conversations I have with them when they express there concerns. I later use those ideas to narrow down the topics by using Facebook poll’s in public groups to find out what people really want to learn more about.prelude financial

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us, Scott! Be sure to check out Prelude Financial’s new website powered by Twenty Over Ten & schedule your free 20 minute consultation today to take your website to the next level!

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