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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Lifeguard Wealth

7 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Lifeguard Wealth Featured Image

Every couple of weeks we like to take the time to reflect back on and showcase some of the amazing client’s we’ve worked with. As we enter into March (and hopefully warmer weather!) we took some time to chat with Lifeguard Wealth. Who doesn’t like dreaming about hitting the pool and beach? So, with a name like that, we couldn’t help but get excited!

We got to chat with Joe Delaney, Founder and CEO of Lifeguard Wealth. Delaney and his team work closely with clients to help them to protect their financial future. They work through a discovery session, evaluate what needs to be done and then confirm their commitment that they are here to help! Keep reading to hear what they have to say about the Twenty Over Ten process.





The Story Behind Lifeguard Wealth

When we get the opportunity to chat with financial advisors, we love getting to know the story behind how they got their start. Many times it is personal or starts because of a dream when they were younger to start their own company, and every firm is different, which makes it so interesting for our team. And the Lifeguard Wealth story is one that holds a special meaning for CEO and founder, Joe Delaney.

Growing up in Laguna Beach, CA, Joe was a lifeguard during his high school and college summer breaks. Things really got going when he began to think about owning his firm in early 2012 and found the perfect name for his firm, Lifeguard Wealth. He keeps in touch with a number of friends from his lifeguarding days and after reading a blog about an old lifeguarding story, he had the idea that Lifeguard Wealth would be the most fitting name for his new firm, and it was.

I now hold myself out as the Financial Lifeguard and people seem to really love the name and imagery.

The Twenty Over Ten team got the opportunity to work with Joe on his website design, and partnered with Wendy Cook of Wendy J. Cook Communications to develop the copy for the website. We often partner with other content providers in the financial services space, as this is a great way for our clients to get the outside help they need to fully capture their unique stories while also remaining compliant with FINRA and SEC guidelines.

It helped to have a writer that captured the story I was trying to tell and that understands the industry.

Joe shared with us the thought he and his designer put into the imagery and overall theme of the site. The goal was to portray a sense of peace and happiness, as Joe and his team see themselves as “financial lifeguards.” Much like a lifeguard on the beach or at a pool, the Lifeguard Wealth team is constantly looking out for their clients and their financial well-being so that they can truly focus on what’s important in their life. We absolutely loved helping Joe tell this story through bold imagery. We may be biased, but we think the final product really hit the mark in portraying this message. Don’t you? 🙌

Client Care Lifeguard Wealth Image

In 2016 Delaney and his team began developing video content for their old website. We’re all about repurposing content at Twenty Over Ten, so when the Lifeguard team felt the video content still had some life we were all about including it on their new website.

After working on producing video content himself, Joe had a few helpful tips to share with others who may also be looking to integrate video into their website and digital marketing efforts:

  1. Keep them under 1 minute in length. Most people don’t have an attention span beyond that.
  2. Don’t do it on the cheap. If possible use two cameras, some make-up, personal microphone, etc.
  3. Pay attention to the details. Things like background imagery, sound quality, etc.

using video on your advisor website, lifeguard wealth

Website Redesign Advice

We know that embarking on a website redesign project can feel daunting. But having a team behind you as Joe did will help. Joe’s one piece of advice to others looking to redesign is:

Work with a writer to help write and lay out the content. Be sure to lay out the specifics when choosing a web developer to make sure they can meet all of your needs and wants.

Benefits of a New Website

Since launching their new website, Lifeguard Wealth has seen some great benefits.

The website is a good reference tool. If my clients would like further information on specific topic it is nice to send them to my website where there is a variety of information available.

Lifeguard Wealth’s new website also integrates with other third-party tools like Constant Contact for example. Through this integration, they hope to encourage new sign-ups for their email monthly “wave” newsletter as a form of organic lead generation.

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