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By Elizabeth Ritger Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Lansdowne Wealth Management

7 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Lansdowne Wealth Management Featured Image

Bob Henderson, Lansdowne Wealth Management, financial advisor website

Everyday, we are fortunate enough to work with so many great financial advisors! Without their unique ideas and inspiration, Twenty Over Ten wouldn’t be where we are today. As each of our advisor websites goes live, we like to take some time to talk with each advisor about their website redesign experience. From brainstorming to final revisions, we love to hear about each step of the process! Today, we caught up with Robert Henderson, president and founder of Lansdowne Wealth Management.

Lansdowne Wealth management, financial advisor website

Tell us about your decision to build a new website. What made you realize it was a necessary step for your business?

My original website was built eight or nine years ago by a very good designer and friend. Unfortunately, at the time, websites were not generally “responsive” in design and I never got around to having a mobile website built. So my site became quite antiquated. As I started researching the best platform for a new site, I quickly realized that it made sense to build it on a platform that was designed exclusively for advisory firms, and this where I stumbled upon Twenty Over Ten.

You started your web design journey first as a self builder on our platform. Which elements did you find were easy to complete yourself? What problems did you run into?

Having some experience from the first time around with my website, I knew that it was going to be important to have all of the copy done in advance and at least give Twenty Over Ten an idea of what I wanted as far as structure. Unlike most WordPress sites, the simplicity of Twenty Over Ten’s builder tool made it very easy to have a basic site up and modeled out very quickly. The challenge I had is that I am neither creative, nor do I have the time to devote to building a website myself. So I found that the process dragged on, entirely due to my lack of time to commit to the project. In many ways, I think I should have enlisted the help of your team sooner and gotten it done!

After realizing you needed some additional assistance from our design and copywriting team to get your site across the finish line — tell us about that process and how it helped your ultimate vision come to life. What did you like about the process and is there anything you would change?

Your team was amazing. To me, there were three or four main aspects of building the website; design, copy, marketing, and SEO. You have people on staff that addressed each of those areas. And they were all addressed very quickly. On top of that, everyone I dealt with at your firm were so enjoyable to work with. Ryan, Samantha, Chelsea, and Shannon were all awesome.

What other digital marketing strategies do you currently use to help market your firm?

I try to be fairly prominent on a lot of major listing services and social media platforms. Mostly, I do this for exposure and SEO, backlinks, etc. I have also resurrected my blog, which has been relatively dormant for a while.

lansdowne wealth management financial advisor blog

Which feature of the site are you most excited about?

I really like the copy that Shannon came up with for my personal bio. As I said, I am not very creative, and could not find a way to show the “personal” side of me on my website. My bio had always been formal and stuffy, and I wanted people to understand more about who I am as a person. After a telephone discussion with Shannon, she was able to capture exactly what I was looking for. I never could have come up with those words on my own!

lansdowne wealth management financial advisor bio on website


What advice do you have for other advisors who may be looking to build their own website?

Once I decided that I wanted to use Twenty Over Ten, I spent some time looking at the gallery of other sites you have built. You send out e-mail updates periodically, with stories about other advisors and their websites, and I spent time going through each one when those e-mails came out. This is a great place to start and get ideas. But I would NOT suggest trying to build it yourself from scratch. If you want to start with a basic Twenty Over Ten framework and play around with it a bit, that’s great. But then get their creative team onboard to get it done. You will thank yourself for the time you save and the quality of the product you get in return.

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