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By Blair Kelly Showcase

Advisor Website Showcase: Drucker Wealth Management

12 minute read
Advisor Website Showcase: Drucker Wealth Management Featured Image

Lance Drucker

Summer is starting to wind down, but that doesn’t mean our work is slowing. Now it’s time  to showcase another one of our awesome clients that we had the privilege of working with. Recently, we caught up with Lance Drucker, CEO and President of Drucker Wealth Management. Want to find out how the overall process went? Keep reading to find out more.





First, tell us a bit about Drucker Wealth Management and how you first got started in the industry.

Drucker Wealth was started back in 1959 (celebrating 60 years this year!) by Bernard Drucker. He had a mission to help individuals and families achieve financial independence in their lifetime. His son, Lance Drucker joined the business and took the firm to new heights, with a special focus on women going through different life changes. Today, Gideon Drucker, CFP® serves as the firm’s Director of the Wealth-Builder Division, working with young professionals to cure them from H.E.N.R.Y. (High Earner, Not Rich Yet) Syndrome™

How would you best describe the type of work that your firm does? What is the main thing that you and your clients are trying to achieve?

We help young professionals, or as we call them, H.E.N.R.Y.s budget and save to help them achieve their short term goals (buying a home, sending kids to college or even taking their dream vacation) while building and accumulating wealth for their financial future (retirement).

We also work with pre-retirees who have worked hard their whole lives and are getting ready to hop off the wheel, aka retire. We help them turn their earnings into the sweetest of all things, a steady income stream with our K.I.S.S.S. Strategy (Keep Income Simple, Stable & Sustainable)

We noticed that you’re using the Drift Chatbot on your website! That’s great. Have you noticed an increase in leads since integrating with such a tool on your website or any other efficiencies it’s helped to create for your firm?

We have noticed an uptick of messages from clients (and a few visitors) on our site… instead of having to navigate to our contact page to find an email address to send a message. We just wanted to make it as easy for people to reach us, so whether they click the call now button, or feel more comfortable just sending us a quick message – either way they will be connected to someone from our team instantly.

Drucker Wealth Chatbot

We are huge fans of blogging, so we love your “Resources” page. We especially like how you have broken your articles out into different categories to help your visitors search for topics easier. Since you’ve started blogging, have you noticed an uptick in site visitors and quality leads?

This is definitely still a work in progress, as I suspect most blogs are… but we have such a big variety of content and I want to start the organization of it from the onset… so down the road when there are dozens and dozens of posts, a visitor can quickly and easily zero in on the content that is most interesting or relevant to them. Because we have 2 different audiences, young professionals and pre-retirees, we recognize they are going to care about different things, and just want people to know there is something for everyone on our blog!Drucker Wealth Management blog

We love to see that you’re leveraging social media as well to grow your digital footprint. Tell us more about your social media strategy and how it helped influence your firm and website.

I would say our firm is what influences our strategy and site, the Drucker’s have a unique approach to the way we conduct business and build relationships with our clients. We want our personality to come through in everything we do. We stay away from posting content that seems canned or off-brand from the services we offer. Every article we post is because either Lance or Gideon came across it themselves and said WOW everyone needs to read this. We like to keep things authentic so when someone meets with our team, they will already have a sense of who we are. At the end of the day, it is the relationships we have with our clients that foster the trust necessary to help them navigate life’s financial decisions. When we are not meeting with them face to face we use social media as a way to stay connected and engaged.

Drucker Wealth Management Twitter

We’re intrigued by how you creatively segmented your “Who We Serve” page into two buckets – those born before the 1970s and those born after the 1970s. What inspired you to divide it up as such and how has it helped your visitors and prospects navigate through your website?

As mentioned Lance & Gideon both have different target audiences so we needed a way to relate to both groups without missing the mark altogether. We chose to separate the two groups and the info relevant to them so each group would have their own tailored experience with the click of a button. Young professionals might see the word “retirement” and think “that’s too far down the road, I don’t need to worry about that yet” and head over to the next website that is talking about something more relatable. Instead of having this audience see a bunch of information they don’t immediately connect with, we lead them down a path to get them thinking about all of the short term goals they want to achieve and the actionable things they can do today to set themselves up for success.

Drucker Wealth Management

Let’s talk video! We just subscribed to your YouTube channel and it looks like you’ve been producing video content for quite some time now. Tell us more about that journey and what your video marketing strategy is currently and what you hope it’ll look like in the future. Additionally, are there any tools you use on a regular basis that you would recommend others look into to help them get started with video marketing?

Lance has been doing videos for several years now and it started with wanting another contact point with his clients. Since we have been in business for 60 years… we have a lot of clients! Having scalable touch points (emails & videos) is crucial. It’s sometimes hard to capture the emotion behind what you’re saying in an email but on video, I think our clients can feel Lance’s passion for the business and it gives people confidence they are working with the right firm. We use youtube, premiere pro and wistia for all of our video needs!

We love hearing feedback from our clients so we can improve our process. Do you have any suggestions that you think would have made your site development process easier?

The process was pretty seamless. The team is super creative and it helped that they know our industry so well and can make recommendations based on what other advisors have tried out.

I was scarred from previous experiences in the industry but feel like I finally found the right platform that has the forward-thinking mindset that can keep up with all of Drucker Wealth’s out of the box ideas! I like the flexibility and control we have over site changes and the educational videos to get me on-boarded were super helpful!

What is your best piece of advice that you would share with other advisors who may be considering redesigning their website?

Just do it… the process will inevitably take a few months.. between gathering all of the assets you want included, and the rounds of revisions, it will take time to bring it all together. So the longer you wait for the further away it is from becoming a reality. Don’t wait for perfection to launch it, a soft launch will give you the opportunity to get feedback from actual users and make changes as necessary.

Use it as an opportunity to refine your businesses’ story… working with the copywriting team and our concierge allowed us to brainstorm, refine and prioritize the most important aspects of our business we wanted to get across to someone new coming to our site.

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